All Faith was Lost

All Faith was Lost

If I disappear'
would you even notice?
Do you even notice how much it hurts?
You don't know me,
nobody knows me...
You think you do but how can you,
if I don't even know me...
I shall vanish,
and you shall go on with your life without me....

Chapter 1

He Doesn' Know

"You have to fight it sometime." he said as he layed his hand over hers.
"He cares..." she tells herself.
She flipped and pushed him away. She is not used to others trying to help, not used to someone else say "Fight it, don't give up!"
She loves him, loves him more than just a friend. But he loves another. He cares which meant a lot to her but he doesn't know. He doesn't know who she really is. Which is why she pushes him away...
Before she could introduce her true self to him, he spotted the scars that rested on her wrists. He noticed the blood that was lost, noticed the pain in her eyes. He saw all the fake smiles and laughs she was forced to make everyday of her life. But what he did not see were all the smiles and laughs she was not forced to make in front of him...
Now she cries every night cause he's changed. He's left her all alone once again. She's got no light to her way out of this cave, she's been trapped in.
He cared, now all he cares of is himself...
And she doesn't know what to do.She's freaking out, losing herself because he betrayed her.
And now her scars are deeper. So much blood she loses, dying slowly everyday. And such little hope she is given.
To her shes lost it all. She doesn't elieve in life anymore, or anything else for that matter. She says she's done, through with life. Can anyone save her? It's obvious she cries for help. Even if she says she doesn't want it...
How can you not see the tears in her eyes? They're drained now from all that cry for help. She's fine now but still very unhappy...


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