Natalie Howsworth

Natalie has a tiring, and crazy life.

Chapter 1

Bored on Monday

"Natalie!" Spencer called. "Dishes! Now!"

Natalie reluctantly got out of bed and stretched. Morning already? It felt like she had fallen asleep 5 minutes ago. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked at the clock. 7:30 AM. 30 minutes earlier than yesterday.

"Natalie, now!" Spencer yelled. Natalie sighed sarcastically and stomped downstairs. A man wearing a tweed coat shoved a rag and some dish soap into her arms and snarled.

As Natalie entered the kitchen, she walked over to sink and turned on the water, dipping the rag into the water.

"You will be down here on time tomorrow!" Spencer shouted. Natalie dumped the soap on a china plate and scrubbed it with all her might.

"Stupid, scummy idiots." Natalie mumbled under her breath. "Last time I work for a $5 pay a day."

At that moment, Spencer walked into kitchen. "Harder...HARDER!!!!" He sneered. "Which word don't you understand?"

Natalie threw the rag over her shoulder, then turned around and slapped Spencer across the face. She grabbed her wet rag and covered his face with it. She lifted a corner and whispered, "I quit," and stomped out the door.

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