A Happy Story with a Happy Meaning :)

ah, depression. I know what it feels like. I lost my dog. Sophie. R.I.P. But, my wonderful friend help me overcome that terrible feeling of not being loved, and thinking of suicide. So, thank you :). I decided to write a story of what heaven maybe like.

Chapter 1

Heaven :)

Sophie and I raced through the clouds. Our only concern was that we would miss the picnic. When we reached there, we saw Katie, and Sofi, sitting with Chocolate, Dune, Mo Mo and Harry. Chocolate was our deceased cat, but now since we are in heaven, we can hug each other. She is a very pretty black cat. Dune was a dark golden retriever, who loved to run and play. She passed away too. Mo Mo and Harry were our two guinea pigs, who passed away on 02/24/08, the day after my birthday. So, we were all together, as one big happy family. We ate and laughed as everyone told jokes.

A few days later, the Lord appeared. It was time for Sophie to get a bath, so we decided to fly in the sky over the land, and watch people. We visited Mars, and Venus, and saw these aliens who we kept peace with. After a while, it was time to go home. So, we flew to a huge palace decorated with pure white stones. We slept in our own beds, and made it any color you want. See, in heaven, you are magical. Everything you want, you get. Anyway, when Sophie returned, she had pure white wings. You can only earn your wings if you do something nice for someone. So, we flew down to earth, in search of a child that needed love.

A little girl was curled up against the wall screaming. Her mother had just thrown her down a flight of stairs. I came in just in time, and carried her to another place. She cuddled with us, and told us all about what happened.

"I used to have a brother" she said. "he was killed when my daddy hurt him. Some angels came and took him to heaven, where he lay now. And, i want him to know I love him. "My mommy died too, she was abused by my daddy's friend. And my daddy died too. He was abused by his friend". So, i have to live with my step mommy and daddy, and they are not nice. Katie and Sofi took her into thier arms, and cuddled and cried. "Want to go to heaven?" I asked. She nodded her head yes, so we flew her up to heaven. She wasn't dead, but we would certainly never take her back to her home. So, we kept her in heaven. She grew fond of Sophie, and they played together. No pain, no depression, no worries. Just heaven :)

Hope you enjoyed that story. And don't forget, heaven is a place on earth :). look up the song on youtube. heaven is real people. so, thanks for reading :)


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