Neare, please listen to me.

Chapter 1


Neare, Im sobbing. I feel like my heart is being ripped in two.
You can't delete. You just can't. Please....You say you spend too much time on here, but deleting isn't the answer. Getting online a bit less is. Neare, you can'y delete. Please. Im sobbing my eyes out. Im crying. I never fvcking cry Neare! this is damnfvcking serious and I am NOT, repeat NOT, going to let you delete.
Neare....You where my first friend. First best friend. First.....Dare I say love? no I shouldn't say love. YOu confuse me way to much Neare.
Back to the point, you can't delete. If you delted Achlys would be even harder to keep alive. You might DIE if you delted. And don't act like it's not one of the reasons you wan to delete. Neare, you're killing me. You're tearing me apart like this. You cannot delete. Please. You're breaking my heart with this. Please don't delete. Because if you do, Im gonna kepe my promise and go on a psycho rampage to shoot chester's balls off and then kill you, Nicki, Furi and then shoot myself in the head.
I remember when I promised I would do that. Neare....You can't delete. You're practically my life line. If you delted, if you...If you juse, left me and eveyrone else, I.....I would die inside.
Here's a song. It's impoertant. You better read it.

Heart still beating
I'm broken
I'm bleeding
I gave you my heart
My mind
My soul
You threw it away
And crushed it under your sole
Broken and bleeding
Im pleading
Please stay
You my love
My life force
You have to stay
Im broken
Im bleeding
Im begging
Im pleading
Please my friend
Don't let me die
I gave you my heart
You broke it in two
Yet I still walk after you
Follow you
Broken and bleeding
Why is my heart still beating
Im begging and pleading
Only repeating
The actions of the past
Here we are
Our faith receading
Please my love
Don't make me repeat it
Im broken and bleeding
Heart still beeting
But not for long my friend
Im begging
Im pleading
Your back is retreating
You can't leave a fool like me here
To suffer
To die on my own
Im begging and pleading
Heart no longer beating
YOu broke it in two
And now you're going away
Im begging and pleading
Let me live
Let you stay!
Im begging
Im pleading
Our hearts still beating
A thousand miles away
A similer rythem
Like music to my ears
Im beggin
And pleading
Heart still beating
Please stay
Don't leave us
Angel of darkness
Angel of night
Don't take flight and leave us here alone
We're begging
We're pledaing
Stone eyes now bleeding
Red crimson tears of our own devotion
We're begging
WE're pleading
Our broken hearts still bleeding
Don't leave us here
Evil angel
Angel of darkness
Angel of night
OUr stone eyes now bleeding
Do not take flight.


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