Mad-Eye * next generation one-shot *

Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I have not, and never will be, J.K. Rowling. sob

"Mum! Dad! I'm home!" 12 year old Rose Weasley exclaimed as she brushed soot off her robes.

"Rosie! How was it?" Her mum, Hermione, walked in the living room. "How was it at the Malfoy's?"

The red head gushed into explaining what had happened, her brown eyes wide. "They have the biggest house, and Scorpius is really nice. We played Quidditch in his backyard for a while, then his mum asked us if we wanted lunch."

"And what about after?" Her father asked as he walked into the room and kissed his wife.

"Daddy!" She ran and hugged him.

Ron chuckled. "So tell me more about this Malfoy kid."

"Oh! He has the cutest pet ever. He named it Mad-Eye."

This startled her parents-they looked at each other. "Why?"

"Because he has one bright blue eye and one black eye. His dad doesn't like him so much."

"Why not?" Hermione questioned.

Rose shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't ask. I'll ask Scorp next time."

Ron sighed and magiced butterbeer. Hermione threw a look at him. "So, er, Rose, what kind of pet does Scorpius have?"

This seemed what Rose was waiting for. "He has a white ferret."

Her dad snorted into his butterbeer.


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