Just Started Doctor Who

I'm about to fangirl. Fangirling also includes ranting and rambling, along with extreme stupidity and other very annoying things. You have been warned.

Oh, there may be a SPOILER, so yeah.

Chapter 1

Christopher Eccleston

I just started watching Doctor Who this week, and I'm on season 2 episode 8. DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING.

Anyways, I love David Tennant, but I do miss Christopher Eccleston. All my friends are acting like I'm committing some crime by missing him. They're all like, "Whatever! David Tennant is WAYY better!" and they look at me like I'm stupid or something. I do not appreciate that. -.- Seriously, just because they think David Tennant is better doesn't mean I can't mourn Christopher Eccleston. I loved him. He was FANTASTIC. (See what I did there? Wait, what was that you just said? It's stupid? Of course it's not!) I MISS HIM. I liked how he was a bit more... reserved, I guess? I dunno, I don't think that's the right word. But I miss his personality. Which brings me to another point that might seem a bit irrelevant, actually, but maybe it's not. Whatever. I made a connection, so let's go to that.

The Doctor SHOULD ONLY BE WITH ROSE. Like, from the first episode, I shipped the Doctor and Rose. As soon as words left his mouth I was just like, "I love you and I shall ship you with the female protagonist (in other words, ROSE) and you two are my otp and you better please me." Seriously. Like, when the Doctor was snogging Madame Pompous (yeah, I call her that) I was yelling at him. Not loudly, of course, or my parents would think I'm more insane than they already do, and they know me pretty well. But seriously. I was very angry. Also, I feel like he seemed to love her more before he regenerated. Maybe that's just me, but, I mean, you didn't see Eccleston snogging historically important French women. THE DOCTOR AND ROSE FOREVER! Man, I think Rose is really, really annoying, but when she leaves (and yes, I know she leaves. Blame tumblr and my Whovian friends) I don't know what I'll do. I might cry.

Speaking of crying, I hope I'm not the only one who bawled like a baby on the 8th episode of the first season, the one titled "Father's Day," I believe. My mom heard from her room and asked if I was crying or laughing.
Also, is it pathetic that I cried in the episode that Mickey left? I mean, at first I hated him cause he was stupid. But then I started to like him. And then I started to feel sorry for him. I mean, they seriously did not treat him well. They made me very angry. Watching Doctor Who can make me very angry at points, as you may have noticed.

Yeah, even before I started watching Doctor Who, just because of tumblr and my friends, I made connections to Doctor Who with, well, a lot of things. Like, if I saw something about the Tardis, I'd get excited. Of course, that excitement has multiplied quite a bit by now, but it's weird. It's probably really pathetic. I kinda hate how I'm a fangirl of so many things. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. IT'S TOO FANTASTIC.


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