Supernatural Fan-Fic

I know it's been deeper and darker but this could be a huge shocker that could bring them back to life!

Chapter 1


Carter takes her stance at the plate. She wipes the sweat off her forehead and holds her bat high. "Yeah 23!!" The crowds cheer. She focuses in and watches the first ball go. "Ball," The umpire screams. She resets and stands at the plate. The pitcher is faster than they have ever seen, but Carter sees this one coming a mile away, right down the middle. She twists her hips and swings, the bat making a cracking sound as it hits the ball and soars.

Dean stuffs his face with his hotdog. "So,a haunted baseball field?" Sam says looking at the paper in his hand. "Look out!" Dean says as a ball soars their way. Sam looks up and sticks his hand out and catches the ball that went over the fence. "Dang, I didn't know these 13 year olds could hit that far!" Dean says shocked. Sam tosses the ball back to the field and thinks nothing more of it.

Carter slams on home plate to be greeted my her teammates. They pick her up and spin her around, that home run ended the game. She couldn't stop smiling. This was what she was waiting for. Everyone shook hands then when their separate ways. Carter walked off the field with her bag and her duffle bag beside her, the last one out and alone.

"Can we check this out now?" Dean asks growing impatient. "Not yet, everyone is gone except for her, why is she still here? There are no cars left." Sam says pointing to a girl in a 23 jersey. "I don't know but she can't see us, lets go," Dean says and jumps out from the bush. "Nothing on the radar, maybe this is just a weird coincidence!" Dean says. "Two deaths by baseball bats and three unknown? No it sounds like our kind of case. I think the park owner hung himself. I need more research." Sam says then walks back to the parking lot with Dean still stuffing his mouth with another hotdog.

Carter walks along a sidewalk that leads away from the park. The wind of a 67' Chevy Impala knocks the bag out of her hand and a knife pops out. She quickly retreives it and walks on.

"Did you see that?" Dean asks looking back. "I dont think every teenage girl carries knives in their duffel bag do you?" Sam says. "No. It's odd. Lets come back tonight and see what we can find." Dean says.

Carter stops at a three-story high apartment building. She walks to the second floor then throws her bag on the couch in the first door. "Home sweet home," She mumbles to herself and orders a taco. She takes a shower and walks out with skinny jeans, a green jacket with a black tank top, and red Nike high-tops. She grabs a blue duffle bag and walks out the door.

"We just have to dig up the guy's grave, burn it, and back to the motel. I need a burger." Dean says entering the park. Sam hears some movement from an indoor weight room and loads his gun. They slowly walk to the door.

Carter throws her knife out at the demon in front of her. She misses and he grabs her arm and twists it. She lets out a piercing scream. Dean runs in and stabs him from behind. There are spots of blood on the floor and Carter is bruised and somewhat bloody. She falls to the ground from exhaustion. "Thanks, who are you." She says pushing herself to get off the ground. Sam walks over and takes her arm and helps her up. " I'm Sam Winchester and that's Dean, now who are you?" Sam asks guiding her to the door. "My name's Carter Winsen." She says. "I'm guessing you're more than just a famous softball player?" Dean asks. "I'm just locally famous. And the murders should stop." Carter says and grabs her duffle.

"Wow you too look alike," Dean says comparing them," You have the same eyes." Dean says, "Wait, Winsen, didn't you meet a Katy Winsen in Minnesota?" Dean asks Sam. "Oh yeah, it was that month long trip, I liked her."Sam says going deep in thought. "You even got some action!!" Dean says raising his eyebrows. "Ew! Wait you knew Katy Winsen?" Carter asks. "Yeah, like 13 years ago. Why?" Sam asks. "Katy Winsen is my mom." Carter says.

Deans jaw drops. "And how old are you?" Sam asks. "13, I'm almost 14 though. Whoa wait, does that mean? No it can't be! My dad left before I was born. There is no way this is possible." Carter says out loud. "Where is Katy?" Dean asks. "She died 2 years ago." Carter says, "Sammy, please tell me you don't have a kid." Dean says confused and shocked. "'s possible?" Sam says confused. "No no no! I'm out of here." Carter says and walks out. Sam and Dean don't stop her.


Carter sits on her couch looking through old scrapebooks. She flips the old pages carefully staring at pictures of her mother. She sheads a tear when she hears a knock at the door. She slids a knife in her pocket and walks to the door. When she opens it Sam and Dean are at the door. "So, I am your daughter?" Carter says with big blue eyes at Sam. Sam nodds but still shocked. Carter gives a heartwarming smile then turns it to her teeth gritting as she throws a punch at Sam. He dodges and Dean runs in and throws her over his shoulder and walks inside. Carter struggles to continue hitting Sam. She manages to fall off of Dean and she tries to drop kick him but he catches her foot, takes her arm, twists then slightly and lays her on the ground. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Now I'm going to let go, promise you won't punch me?" Dean asks. "Yeah." Carter says and he lets go. Carter stands up and stares at Sam. "Look I had no clue you existed, if I did I would've been here." Sam says. "Well that's dandy. I blamed myself for not having a father. I thought that I was the whole problem, when the real problem was you. Having a one-night stand with my mom!! I hoped that everyday for the past 10 years, that maybe he would come in and surprise me. That he would come back and I'd have a family. But I stopped hoping and killed the thing that killed my mom. I don't need you anymore. So it'd be best if you left." Carter says with tears in her eyes.

"Okay listen, I didnt ask for any of this! I shouldve been more careful and I'm sorry for ruining your life but you're my problem and I'm yours and we'll just have to deal with it! I loved Katy. If I knew I had a daughter I would've come back but I didnt know so go ahead and blame me for all your problems. But don't expect me for anything because I have to look at you with that blonde hair and try not to let it get the best of me because I loved Katy." Sam says with tears in his eyes. "Just leave me alone!" Carter says throwing a pot at him and storming to the balcony.

"You did not handle that well. But Sam what are we going to do, take her with us? She is a hunter! You're a dad Sammy, and we can't just leave her." Dean says. "She really does look like Katy and I really did love her." Sam says flipping a page in the scrapebook.

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