Holy effing crap. I am freaking out. I seriously died two nights ago

Read to find out


Chapter 1

Soooooooooooooooo happy!

This is a long story. So long story short, I got a boyfriend but there are many more details. So just read!

Friday night I was at my friend's house. We were watching Psych and texting a bunch of people. I really wanted to text this guy named Tristan but I kept telling myself that if we wanted to talk to me then he would text me first. Well Daniela took my iPod and texted him for me. About 20 minutes later, Tristan text me back. He said hey baby i like your rack. I'm just like :O because we're not that close and he's not like that. I couldn't speak or had any idea what to respond so Daniela responded for me. She said i like your djck. Ok I'm just gonna do it like this because this is easier
Tristan:then suck it please
Me: wtf
Daniela: Ok baby.
She said a couple other things that I don't remember(I deleted it)
Me: I effing hate Casey
Daniela saw it and was like :O
Me: That was Daniela! Oh holy crap my brother is gonna kill us.
Then we kept texting so yeah. Then my bestest guy friend texted me and I told him I didn't wanna talk. He made me talk to him because he said he would make me feel better(his dog has magical happiness powers!) Then we got bored so we were saying random things and texting random smileys. Ok I'm gonna explain some stuff now. Darrian is like my best guy friend. We've been friends since 2010 and we tell each other most things. We're always texting and stuff so yeah. Back to the story. Ok so we texted me this thing(I'll just say what it was) that pretty much said I love us but I thought he was saying like America so I said that then he sent me I love you. I thought he was messing with me so I said Aw I love you too and he was like you wanna go out and I'm like are you serious so we talk a little bit whether he was serious so then he was like would you and I said probably and then he said he was serious. So to sum it all up, I hate Casey and I'm now going out with Darrian!


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