Songs by Moi

I hereby claim rights to all these songs, and i don't give a BEEP what quibblo says!

please note that as i was in different moods while writing different songs, the points they make might vary. a lot.

Chapter 1

For You

I cried myself to sleep each night for you
I try to smile but it just makes me feel blue
I just can't wait till I see your face again
my tears are leaking like a broken fountainpen

and I------------ can't live without you
it's the most painful type of addiction
life without you is my death prediction

won't you come to me and say "goodnight" in my dreams
won't you come and comfort me when i'm abandoned, without a team
I could be wearing clothes that were old and torn
but in your arms I'd always be warm.

and now, despite jackets and fleeces
my heart is broken in a thousand pieces.
it's frozen like
a block of ice
left in a cold place
without the warm sun on its face, yeah!

And typing K-I-T
is not enough for me.
I wanna see that smile upon your lips
And know that I put it there.
Want you to gather all my broken bits,
And know that you care.

Not having a pack, not having a group, not having a team
Used to be something like a dream
It used to make me feel tall and strong
But since I met you.... how could it all have gone so wrong?

I wanna touch your face and know,
We're together through the scorching sun and bitter snow.

I'm never gonna let go.
That's all I want you to know.

This is written for someone very dear to my heart, but he will never hear me singing this song, and never know how much he means to me

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