I Love You? ( A Sirius Black Love Story )

yeah yeah yeah. Blabby blah.
MacKenzie Lupin.
Long brown hair.
Hazel eyes
Animagus: White wolf
Gryffindor, 5th to start.

Chapter 1

Ignorance is key?

It was my fifth year at Hogwarts and I was sitting in the Gryffindor common room doing homework. Someine slid into the seat in front of me. I looked up and saw Sirius Black. 
"What do you want, Black?" I asked with as much venom as I could muster. 
"Can I not cone over here to talk to a beautiful girl?" He asked. 
"No. Because this girl would love for a git like you to shove off." I said, startingto pack up my books. 
"What the rush, Mack?"
"Only friends can call me Mack. It's MacKenzie to you." I said as Peter, James, and my brother Remus walked down the boys staircase. I shoved my books into my bag. 
"Rem, please control your over hermonic friend." I said as I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out of the portrait heading for the library. 

Ever since I first set foot into Hogwarts it's like it's been Sirius Blacks job to annoy me. When he tries to be cute, or hot it irks me like no other. Not to mention all the girls he's dated. He's probably banged every girl 5th year and up not in Slytherin. Besides me and Lily Evans of course. 

I sat down in my usual table near the back. I knew Remus would be here any moment so I just laid my head on the table. 
"Mack. You over react sometimes." That wasn't Remus' voice. But Lily's. 
"What do you mean over react?" 
"Sirius was just tryin to be nice."
"You're backing up something Black did. What'd he pay you with?"
"He paid m- Nevermind. I have to head to Astronomy. Bye." She said, grabbing her bag and heading off. I shook my head and leaned back against a wall. I decided to finish my potions essay. 

At around 10 I picked my things up and headed back. I was stopped in the hallway by Joey Palenski. 
"Oh. Hello Joey." I said. Joey was in Ravenclaw and had helped me in Potions last year. 
"Hey. I was wondering. The Hogsmead trip Saturday. Would you like to go with me?" He asked, looking nervous. I smiled. 
"Sure, Joey. I haveto get back to the Common room. See you in class tomorrow." I said, adjusting the strap of my bag on my shoulder and walking off. 

I entered the common room and Remus and his friends were sitting around the fire. I hesitantly walked over. 
"Hey, Rem. You dont mind if I go to the Hogsmead trip with Joey, I know it's..... Then. But I promise I'll get there on time." I said. Saturday night was a full moon. I could already see it affecting Remus with the bags under his eyes. 
"Hm? Oh sure. That's fine." He said, staring into the fire. 
"Remus here will be fine with us around." James said. I chuckled. 
"Sure he will." I said, rolling my eyes. I leaned down and hugged Remus. 
"Night." I said, he lightly hugged back. 
"Night Mack." I kissed the top of his head before starting for the stairs. 
"What? No goodnight kiss for me?" Sirius asked. 
"You can come kiss my as(s)." I said, continuing up the steps. Smirking as I heard James 'ooohhh'. I threw my pajama's on as I reached my dorm and fell asleep quickly. 

It was Saturday and I was heading out to meet up with Joey to go to Hogsmead. 

Joey and I were sitting in The Three Broomsticks when three boys walked in, quite loudly. Joey and I were talking about how Slughorn loved Lily. I looked over and realized the boys were Peter, James, and Black. 
"Where's Rem?" I asked out loud. 
"Rem?" Joey asked. 
"Hm? Oh Remus. He's usually.... I'll be right back Joey." I said and quickly walked over to the boys. 
"Where is Remus?" I asked. 
"Back at the Castle." James said. 
"Why did you leave him?! He isn't supposed to be alone!"
"He said we could go, Mack. Calm down." Sirius said. 
"Don't call me Mack. And don't listen to my brither! You know not to leave him at this time! Stop worrying about yourselves and your stupid ego's. If you would listen in class you'd know more about his situation!" I said. They all looked at me. 
"Well sorry. Someone's a bit protective." Sirius said. I narrowed my eyes. I walked back to the table where Joey was. 
"What happened?" he asked. 
"I'm sorry, Joey. Today was fun, really. But my brother needs me."
"Is he in the hospital wing?" 
"No. But three people are gonna have reserved beds there soon. I'll talk to you later. Bye." I said, grabbing my Huneydukes bag and heading out. I walked quickly back to the castle and up to the Common Room. I walked to the Boys dorms and knocked. 
"Rem. It's me." I said. After shuffling the door opened and a very bad looking Remus opened the door. 
"What?" He asked. 
"Don't ever tell them to leave you when you are in this state. You know sure as hell they would leave!"
"I'm 15 now. I don't need people watching over me! I have it under control."
"No you dont. Let me in." I said, as he was in the way. He moved slightly and I squished my way through. I sat on Remus' bed. I patted the spot next to me and be sat down. 
"Remus. You aren't able to perfectly control this. That's why I want someone with you at all times. Especially this close to the moon." I said, grabbing his arm. He nodded. 
"They just deserved to have some fun. I did t want to drag them down." 
"Then you tell them to tell McGonagall to get me. Okay?"
"But you were on your date."
"Date? We are just friends."
"Not with the way he looks at you during Potions and Herbology." I started thinking. That's why Remus always insisted on sitting next to me. He's being protective. 
"Oh.... Well. I only think of him as a friend."
"Okay. C-can you get Madam Pomfrey? I'm feeling, not like usual..." 
"I'm not going to leave you alone then. I'll Uhm. Where's that one thing they gave you?" He pointed to his bedside table and I grabbed a buzzer type thing and pressed the button. Faster than I thought possible Madame Pomfrey was at the door. 
"What's worn deary?" She asked. 
"He said he doesn't feel like normal. Well. Normal for right now." She nodded. 
"We should get you to the shack now. Just as a precaution. You shouldn't change until the right time but if you pass out and we can't get you there." Remus nodded and I helped him stand. I put his arm around my shoulder and steadied him. We took slow steps and started heading out. 

I shoukd have known, that night would't be like the others. 

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