"A Australian In Chicago"

This is a story that I have had circling in my head for a while. And I have decided that I am going to put the first chapter up. And then some : )

I am me and the StarKids are them. I don't own anything : )

StarKid is going to be introduced soon!

Chapter 1

"Welcome to Chicago"

"Mum, I will be fine." I said as I headed to baggage claim. I've been in America for 48 hours and she is already checking up on me. But what is a mum to do?
"I know Hannah, I'm just a little worried. You're in a big unknown city by yourself" she said to me.
I sighed "It's not the end of the world, I am going to be fine!" I rolled my eyes.
"I have everything that I need, I planned for it. Plus my company has already payed for my apartment."

I finally had all 5 of my bags that I had lugged across the world. They were easy to see because they were bright Aqua.
"Mum, I am going now, I will call you in a few day. Once you have stopped crying." I said struggling with the trolley.
"Okay, I love you and be safe" she said in her English accent.
"Bye mum, I love you too." as I hung up the phone and gently placed it into my bad I could smell something wonderful.

It was coming from outside. Two big automatic french doors stood in between me and my city.
This is it, no turning back now. I said to myself. I took a big deep breath and walked towards the doors, my first steps on American soil and I was loving it.

I stepped out of the doors, I couldn't believe that my dreams where coming true. At the 20 years old, I was going to be living in the Windy City. I would have never thought in a million years that a top company would offer me a job after I had only just graduated college. Everything was falling into place. I was the luckiest girl in the world.

"Welcome to Chicago Miss" a taxi driver said to me.
"Where can I take you to?" I rummaged around in my bag to find a piece of paper with very important information scribbled upon it.

The man helped me with my bright Aqua suitcases. He chucked them into the back and closed the boot.
"Is that everything ma'am?" he asked me?
"Thank you and yes. I would like to go to this address please" I say handing him the piece of crumpled paper.
"Sure thing. Hop in" he smiled.

I got into the back of the taxi, he pulled away from the airport and I opened my window. The breeze hit my face, the smell of the city filled my nasal cavity, I closed my eyes and too it in and I whispered to myself 'I'm home' and lent back into the leather seat until the taxi pulled up into a incredible parking lot that was located at the bottom of a tall amazing apartment building.

"Oh my dead god!! Are you sure that this is the right address? I asked. He nodded as if to say, you-are-a-lucky-girl. Another man rushed to my side as the taxi driver unloaded my luggage. I walked into the lobby and stared up to the ceiling. I couldn't believe that I was going to be living here.

"Are you miss Bird?" I cringe at the sound. The man was wearing a Black suit with a purple tie, and he smelled good.
"Yep, that's me. But you can call me Hannah" I say, popping the 'P' on the end of yep.
"Great! I'm Logan Gibbs. I work for the company" the smart man says. He was sweet and cute.
"Follow me" he exclaimed, he grabbed my two larger suitcases and walked towards a lift, he pressed the button and waited for me to stand next to him. As I we were waiting for the lift to open I looked around again, the marble floors sparkled and the chandelier glistened with light. Finally the doors opened and we walked in, Logan pushed the button 10th floor, and there was 20 floors, I was going to be in the middle, plus 10 is my lucky number. We stood in silence, until we reached my floor. The lift doors donged and opened.

"After you" he said.
"Thank you" I said as I walked out. He lead me the way and I followed hopelessly behind him.

We came to a while solid door with silver door attachments. It was a really pretty door.

"This is your apartment. I hope you like it, it's fully furnished and stocked with food, drink, and other essentials" he said.
"Okay, cool. Thank you for organizing everything" I gave him a smile and I placed the key inside and turned.

I opened the door and stepped into my new life, I couldn't believe what I saw. It was perfect, everything that I could imagined plus more, I was going to like living here.

"Okay Hannah. You start next week on Monday. It gives you time to settle and explore the city a little bit. You will be able to explore more when you start to work" I nodded. He handed my a pile of papers and a load of information that I needed.
"Logan, I don't have a computer or anyth-" before I could finish he said..
"Your laptop is on your bed and you have a desktop in the study, both with internet" he smiled.
"Thank you" I smiled.

He walked towards the door and said..
"I'll see ya on Monday" I nodded and smiled.
"Oh and also, welcome to Chicago"
"Thank you" I said and he walked out and left me to explore my new apartment.

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