My Twin Brother (For Spongeyday's Contest)

Round 1! I have to make a story about a boy with Asperger Syndrome. Let's see how I will do...

Chapter 1


by: dat_nerd
All I kept hearing that day was the paint being smothered onto the easel, just like I heard everyday. That was my twin brother Benjamin, who was obsessed in painting, and did not say a word. I just watched him paint an exact picture of a rocking chair in our basement. He spent hours just putting exact detail on the wood, the shape, and the atmosphere around it without making a sound. Benjamin had Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism that included lack of social interaction and repetitive interests, as his is painting the same rocking chair over and over. I looked in the closet to see thirty canvases of that rocking chair that were completely the same.

I kept watching him paint and paint and paint. It was getting very boring, so I went upstairs. I went to the kitchen and saw the mailman out the window. I went out and grabbed the mail. Walking in, I saw a letter from the Design Institute of San Diego, a school I applied for. It was addressed to 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith,' but I knew it was for me, so I went ahead and opened it.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

I am honored to say that your child has been awarded a half scholarship to the Design Institute of San Diego for his outstanding art achievement. There may be a few flaws in him, but we want him to be part of our family. May we please see Benjamin for an evaluation as soon as possible.

The Administration of the Design Institute of San Diego

I was shocked.


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