Love spells Jerk ~Damon Salvatore Love Story~

Jessica Lass
Brown straight hair, green eyes
Personality:Caring, loyal, smart, sly, sneaky, wild
Powers:Boys are attracted to her, can sense other vampires easily, read minds
speedy, strong,
beautiful, attractive, pretty
(if you haven't gotten this yet, Jessica is vampire)

love all ~qwertysis

Chapter 1

I smell you!

by: qwertysis
I slapped my alarm clock, UGH! I groggily opened my eyes. Oh yea, I am in Mystic Falls. I used to be living at NYC, but people started to get suspicious of my family so we moved to Virginia, Mystic Falls.
My whole family is a group of vampires, I didn't know vampires could have babies, but I was born 133 years ago. Each one of us had a different power, my power was the ability to read minds.
How useful.
Nothing was great about Mystic Falls, except that right when we entered the border line, I caught a whiff of vampire smell. finally, someone like me!!!
The smell got stronger and stronger, soon it was overwhelming.
More than 1 vampire lives here. It was my mission to find those vamps.

I put on a blaack and white skirt, and a blue tank top. I fastened a white bow in my hair. I was ready for school.
I drove my motorcycle to sschool. I loved the way the wind felt in my face, blowing all the hair backwards. I felt so free and alive.
I took off my helet and shook my hair out of a ponytail. Every guy in the parking lot stopped and stared at me. I smiled a flirtious smile at them.
so many cute guys to feed off of
With my back straight and a big smile, I walked confidently into my new high school.
I staggered on my high heels right when I entered my school's door. I smelled the overwhelming smell. It was so strong. I had a feeling that the vampire was coming closer, and closser, I turned around and almost fainted because the scent was so strong.
"Hi, my name is Stephen."A cute guy said. I smiled and hissed,"You are one of my kind."Stephen looked surprised, but regained his posture and whispered,"Yes, and you are one of my kind." I nodded satisfied that I had hunted down at least one. "How many live here?"I asked.
Stephen grimaced and said,"Me and my brother."
I nodded with satisfaction.

A boy with blond hair and green eyes approached me. "Hi are you Jessica?" I nodded and flirtiously brushed my hair over my shoulder.
Jessica is so beautiful, I wonder if she's dating anyone
I concentrated on this boy's mind and heard that. I smiled,"I am not dating anybody. But you sure seem lke someone I would date." i batted my eyelashes.
"My name is Aaron by the way, so do you wanna go watch a-" I cut him off by placng a fingerr on his lips."Come to my house, Aaron."
I could tell Aaron was startled by my aggressiveness. But seriously, I am dying to feed someone right now. I casually placed my hands on his chest and murmured,"Oh hot." Aaron blushed and walked away.

My first class was English, with Stephen. It was so boring, oh and Elena. Stephen was dating Elena, I laughed at how innocent Elena was.
As I walked into my second class, which was Science, I smelled Stephen's brother. their smell was almost identical. I scanned the room for Stephen's brother, and I found him sitting at his desk, crowded with girls. I absolutely hated guys that used their charm to get girls!!! I automatically didn't like him.
Scowling, I took a seat.
"Hey beautiful." A voice called out. omg, Damon is talking to the new girl.
who is the new girrl???//the new girl is so pretty
I heard everyone's thoughts.
I turned around and their the 2nd vamp was, being all handsome and stunning.
I ignored him and went back staring at the whiteboard.

"My name is Damon Salvatore." Damon flashed his pearly white teeth at me.
I glared and retorted,"My name is shut up and go away. PLEASE."
Damon chuckled which made my heart do a flip flop.
"i am one of your kind." I nodded, no big surprise there.
"Whatever, and yea I know." I made our convo final.
"WELCOME!!!"boomed our teacher. "We will be pairing up in partners, and each one of...." I stopped listening and groaned. I hate being in partners, I didn't even have any friends yet.!
All the girls except me rushed to get Damon."Whoa calm down girls, there is enough Damon to go around!" The girls all swooned and touched damon.
Ew, disgusting. What a Jerk.

"Jessica and Damon."The teaacher called out. "SH!iT!!!!"I yelled.
Everyone looked at me, "Sorry,"I said. Damon was smiling, he already saved a seat for me. How swweet!!! NOT. "Jessica, over here."he called. My stomach got butterflies just hearing him call my name.
He mad it sound so beautiful and-STOP! Damon is a Jerk. Get him outta your head!
But truth was, I couldn't get him out of my head.

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