Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

so I'm going write a Mindless Behavior love story.If you don't know who they is they are a boy group who had made the hit singles My girl and Ms.Right.They are such cuties.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Teyanna.14.You are from L.A.You are so in love with Mindless Behavior it is like no joke.You have a sister named Arianna(4).You also have a brother named Chris(17).

"Come on you guys this is like the first time mom and dad been on vacation in
like 3 months and you are sleeping" I said

While pulling the blanket of my Sister and brother who was asleep on the
couch.IThey still didn't move.Until I walked up to the radio and started blasting #1 girl by Mindless BehaviorMy sister Arianna hopped up singing

"We start it of 3 don't worry about a thing"

I started dying laughing.She is such a mindless behavior freak.Just like me.I like would do anything to meet them and hang out with them.But why would they hang out with me little old me.What am I saying why wouldn't they wanna hang out with me.I'm random cute funny sweet.I really love them gosh.Especially Trey
Young A.K.A Roc Royal

I mean why wouldn't I love Roc he funny,random,hot,sweet,caring,hot did I
mention he is hot.I was getting ores just sitting here in the with my brother who don't do anything.And my sister who all she wants to do is watch Ant Farm.So I decided to call my BFF's Imain,Lexi and Jasmine over.I ran up stairs to my room
to grab my phone.First I called Imani(M-Me I-Imani)

M-Hey gal what you doin
I-Nothin just laying down watching 106 & Park
M- Wanna come over
I-Uhh sure be over there in like 20 minutes
M-Yo can spend a night if you want to
I -Okay

I hung up the and invited Lexie and Jasmine over.I walked over to my closet and pulled out a PUrple fitted V-Neck,Black skinny jeans,A purple and black belt,White and Black adidas and a pair of silver hoop earrings.I walked into my bathroom and hopped in the shower.I washed my hair.Then I hopped out the shower and wrapped the towel around me and walked into my room and put on my clothes.

But first I out on Johnson and Johnson baby lotion.When I got done putting on my clothes I heard the door bell ring.I ran downstairs and opened the door.It was Lexie,Jasmine and Imani.

"Hey Gal" Jasmine said extremely to loud

My sister came marching down the stairs yelling "Jasmine".With her arms opened.Heading to her for a hug.She jumped up on he and started hugging her.
Ariana hugged the rest of them and headed back up to her room

"So you wanna finish watching 106 and park" I said

They all nodded their heads.We walked towards the couch and sat down on the couch.The OMG Girls,Ti and Tiny was on.They was just about to play the world premiere of their video when the doorbell rang.All the girls got up and followed me to the door.I opened the door.There stood Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior

"Uh our bus broke down like a couple blocks from here.We was wondering if we could cash here until are bus et fixed"

I stood there like a deer in headlights.So did Jasmine Imani and Lexie They were just staring at the other boys behind him waiting on the side walk.


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