Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

so I'm going write a Mindless Behavior love story.If you don't know who they is they are a boy group who had made the hit singles My girl and Ms.Right.They are such cuties.

Chapter 2


I was still just shocked until Imani nudged me then I blurted out

"I love you"

Everyone just started cracking up

Then Ray Ray said "Well I take that as a Yes"

I moved out the way so they could come in.They sat their bag down on the couch.I sat down on the love seat.I was still in shocked that Mindless Behavior was freaking in my house.I was blushing hard just staring at Roc.Then I looked away then he looked at me.I looked at him and he looked away and we just kept dong that for a good 5 minutes.

"so what brought you guys to Orlando" Imani

"Nothin just want to stay here for awhile and get to know you guys" Prodigy

"Aww you're so cocky but precious" Lexi said

"I know I am....wait I'm not cocky but I'm precious for sure"

"How long yall out here" I said

"Uhhh I dont know" Roc said

It was just silence until my sister came down the stairs saying

"Yanna I can't get the mindless behavior cd to work"

Then she came down the last step and saw her favorite Ray Ray.Her faced dropped then she started screaming then she ran back upstairs.Then lke 10 seconds later she came back down the stairs with a Purple v-neck and a black sharpie running towards Ray Ray saying sign it.He grabbed the shirt and the marker and signed his name on the shirt.

Ari screamed more then Ray Ray got up and picked her up.She kissed his cheek.Then she hopped down and screamed more.She ran upstairs

"I feel loved" Ray Ray said

I looked over at Imani she looked ticked off.So I said

"Someone is jealous of a 4 year old"

"Shut up Teyanna" Imani blurted up smiling cause she knew it was true

"Your sister is so love-able " Ray Ray said

"I know she has the effect on people" I said laughing

They all started laughing.It got quiet until Hook it Up by Mindless Behavior came on.Followed by my sister singing.Everybody started cracking up.I wanted to make a move on Roc but I would seem to out there.So I will play hard to get but not to much.My brother came down the stairs with just a basket ball shorts on exposing his Six pack

I knew he knew Lexie was here.He had s crush on her since we became from.But Chris already know he doesn't stand a chance.I just laughed everybody looked at me crazy.I stopped but then got up and pushed my brother out the room into the kitchen

"What are Mindless Behavior doing here" He said

"Uhh I really have no clue what are you doing trying to get Lexie to like you it ain't gonna work"

"You can't blame a dude for trying" He said then walked out the room then upstairs.

I walked back into the room and said back on the love seat.I was curious if the guys had girlfriends so here is the chance to ask

"Uhh are you guys up for a game of truth or dare"

"Yeah" They all said

"Teyanna go first"

"Okay umm Princeton truth or dare"


"Uhh is it true that you are in a relationship with someone"

"No it is not true"


"Roc yo turn" Ray Ray said

"Uhh Teyanna Truth or dare"


"Okay...Uhhh I dare you to kiss me"

I totally screamed in my head.My eyes got really wide.Lexie Jasmine and Imani looked at me like "Girl if you don't I'll slap you"

"Uhh okay"

I got up and sat next to him.Then he leaned in and kissed me.I was soooo enjoying the moment.I couldn't believe I was kissing Trey freaking Young.I totally didn't want it to end.Until my sister came down stairs and screamed causing Roc to pull away then she started chanting

"Roc and Teyanna sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

I turned around to see Ray Ray and Imani going ham kissing.We all started busting up laughing but that didn't stop them

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