A Very Hetalia Christmas

Chapter 1

This Is A Chapter

It was Christmas Eve and all the children on Plant Yaoi were asleep, awaiting the show of the great Oomph Loompa, Santa Claus. Santa Claus, who was known as Finland on Earth, got his magical ladder that stretched all the way to Plant Yaoi. Now this year, Finland would need the help of his very best elves, which included, Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, Russia, France, and China. The eight elves wore red suits while the great Oomph Loompa wore a green suit. Both Finland and Italy carried bags full of toys for the children on Planet Yaoi. All nine of the travelers were halfway up the ladder when something went terribly wrong.
The great Oomph Loompa, Finland, had decided to grow a mustache on the way. It did not fit him very well at all, but even so, France was jealous, thinking that the ladies, or his fellow counties, would fall in love with Finland. So, France grew both a mustache AND a goatee. England got very mad at France's facial hair for some strange reason, causing his eyes brows to grow twice there normal size. Suddenly, upon England's upper lip, popped a beautiful, golden, mustache. Now the hero, America, decided he did not like being left out. So with a strain and a small thrust, up popped a curly mustache. Russia didn't have to worry about everyone's facial hair, for he had a beautiful, flowing, majestic beard, that was as long as the ladder that went to Planet Moron. Poor China realized something extremely depressing while this was going on; that he did not have neither a beard, mustache or goatee, but buck teeth and a lazy eye. Japan, who had become disgusted with all the unruly facial hair, became a furry, a tail and ears popping up somehow. He then started to bark like a dog. Germany turned into the most beautiful, gorgeous, amazingly handsome, sexy............................................................................................................potato. While this happened, our dear little Italy turned into the most cutesiest, adorable, sweet, delicious, tomato. We know he was delicious, because Spain told us so after he ate him.
The children on Plant Yaoi never got their toys, for Finland had floated away from the strange bunch of elves and crashed into the sun, burning up.


P.S. The rest of the countries were hit by a meteor.


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