The Sunrise Chronicals

The Sunrise Chronicals

Ok guys, so this is my first story on here so sorry if it sucks. anywho Its a vampy story. ENJOY ;)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 :Kate and Emiko

Kate was laying on the roof of a building looking up at the stars and doing her best to count them. She heard a slight noise from down in the ally but ignored it. Seconds later the bright eyed Emiko was standing next to her.
“Onee-chan what are you doing?” the girl asked.
Kate glanced at her with one eye. “Nothing really just stargazing.”
Emiko glanced up at the stars before asking “Do you want to go hunting?”
Kate sighed to herself, of course that was why she was here. She had to eat rather often, almost every night it seemed. It got kind of annoying for Kate who rarely needed to hunt at all. But now that she mentioned it she was kind of hungry. “I suppose we could, haven't eaten in a wile anyway.”
She sat up a little and pushed her hand off the roof of the building, flipping into the ally below. Emiko followed her with slightly less gymnastics.
Once they reached the street Kate stooped and Emiko halted behind her. She could see the older girls eyes were closed she was breathing in the air.
After a little wile Kate pointed to the east. “That way.” She started walking in that direction without waiting to see if Emiko would follow.
Emiko follows and hugs Kate's neck “I wish I could do that!!”
Kate stretched wile walking, she hadn't really moved around much recently. “It isn't hard. I don't even use my mental power for it. Just use your senses, they know the prey you want.”
Emiko pouted alittle “I'm not all that good at this sort of thing. I don't think I ever will be.”
“I wouldn't say that. Your still new at this, you just need practice is all” They had reached a busier part of the city but Kate ignored all the humans swarming around her. Even half paying attention she was still hunting. She was sure now that her chosen prey was around the dockyards. An odd place for one she hunted to be, but that didn't really matter.
As they approached the docks Kate untangled Emiko from her neck and dropped into a hunting crouch. Her prey was on the other side of this shipping container. Emiko copied her crouch “Is it like this?” She asked quietly.
Kate glanced over to her for a millisecond “Yeah thats fine.” She jumped up onto the container and looked down at the man whose blood would soon be her dinner. Kate was a bit odd, she scorned having to hunt and rarely did so herself, but when she did she became a sadistic monster. She would get as much fun out of the hunt as possible, a bit like a cat playing with a dieing mouse. If the mouse died instantly it wouldn't be worth hunting. She stood up and laughed a bit. “So your the lucky one tonight huh?” Her voice had almost completely changed from the sweet big sister that she normally was around Emiko.
She jumped down in front of the man with a demonic grin lighting her face. Her sharp canines glistened in the light of the moon and water. The mans eyes widened. “who are you?” He stuttered.
“Why dearie” She said sweetly but in a way that made both Emiko and the man terrified. “I'm your worst nightmare!” and with that she grabbed his throat and threw him across the small yard they were standing in. He hit one of the containers, not quite hard enough to break his back but hard enough to make a loud bang when hitting it. Kate meandered her way over to him and picked him up again by the throat. That was when Emiko couldn't take any more.
“Onee-chan I'm hungry!”
Kate glanced away from her prey to look at Emiko. The girl looked scared. She laughed at herself internally, of course she was scared! “Just wait!” She turned back to her prey sadness in her eyes. She had barely gotten to play with him. But oh well, she skimmed her razor teeth up his neck. Biting down just above the collarbone. He struggled for a moment than went limp. She could of happily drank all his blood than and there. But Marcus had rules about killing humans. And Emiko needed to eat. So she stepped back and gestured Emiko forward. Holding the man up off the ground until the girl had come up and bitten onto him.
After she was done she set him down and looked up at Kate. “Where to next?”
“Now we go home.” Kate had a bone to pick with her fellow clan members. It had been Jason's night to look after Emiko. But as usual he had slacked off and left her for his own pursuits.
Emiko grimaced at having to head back so soon but quietly followed the older girl back home.

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