Use lyrics to describe....

yeah.... some of this does get very, very personal.

Other note:
So there's some potentially inappropriate content in this.
You've been warned.
Some of these may offend, but they're my opinions, just voiced very well by the musicians who own the songs

But extra points if you can tell me the titles of the songs I used, and who they are by.

Chapter 1

Use lyrics to describe:

by: m3rcy616
Use lyrics to describe...

"You wanna see me do my thing
All you gotta do is plug me into high
I said high
High voltage rock 'n' roll
You ask me why I like to dance
And you ask me why I like to sing
And you ask me why I like to play
I got to get my kicks some way
You ask me what I'm all about"

One of your friends:
"We're all survivors somehow
We just broke out the pack
And I don't need no dogtag
My name is on my back
We can turn you on
Or we can turn on you
Daughters of darkness
Sisters insane
A little evil
Goes a long, long way
We stand together
No we're not afraid
We'll live forever
Daughters of darkness"

Your significant other or crush (If you have one):
Whenever I'm alone with you,
You make me feel like I am home again.
Whenever I'm alone with you,
You make me feel like I am whole again.

Your life:
"I should think like a man
I could save myself so much trouble
I could save myself this heartache
But it's the best advice I know I'll never ever take
Yea I got to, I need to, I want to be like you"

The place where you live:
"If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now."

"I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars
Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?"

"Spreading the disease
Everybody needs
But no one wants to see
The way society
Keeps spreading the disease"

"Waiting for the feeling to subside.
Paranoid, I melt into myself
They say I'm to reach inside and find
the broken part of my machinery.
Psychoanalyze the chapters
on the path to my darkest day.
Searching for the answers,
all I see is Damage through the haze.
Picking up the pieces of my life
with no direction for re-assembly."

"Put me on the table
Make me say your name
If I can't remember
Then give me all your pain
I can sit and listen
Or I can make you scream
Kiss it and make it better
Just put your trust in me
Oh my God, go a little slower
Oh my God, what was that again
La da da, let me feel you baby
Let me in, 'cause I understand
Let me feel you baby
'Cause I understand"

Someone you used to love:
"I can't even think of one good reason
Why I'm always thinking about leaving
It's not like everything's so horrible
We've been together for a few years now
And you know all my ins and outs
But everything's way too comfortable
From the moment I wake I plan my escape
I'm not scared
'Cause I know there's something out there waiting for me
And I swear that I'll find it someday, just wait and see
I don't care that you call me crazy
I can't stay 'cause I need room to breathe
There's nothing left to say, better sorry than safe"

An ex:
"If you feel better
Telling me I'm cruel
Saying I'm unfeeling
I don't mind
If it's necessary
If it helps you out
Crying that I'm heartless
It's alright
And I'm sorry to cause you so much pain
And I'm sorry to bring you down again
'Cause I've reached the end and I won't fight anymore
I don't know what you really want from me
But I don't fit in your reality
How can any man be so blind
But if you feel better
I don't mind"

Something you regret:
"Don't live your life in vain, don't take it out on me
You're cracked, so just remember, I'm not your enemy."

Your childhood:
"You called me up
On the phone today
Struggling with
The right words to say
Time can change
A thing or two
Time has changed the lives
Of me and you, but you know...
It could have been different, Dad"

Your current mood:
"And every day I breathe I remember more.
I've become something you wouldn't believe!"

What you think of the people around you:
"I've always known that the mirror never lies
People always turn away
From the eyes of a stranger
Afraid to know what
Lies behind the stare"

Someone you hate:
"Explain the reasons, explain the rhymes
It's not required, inside our minds
It's safe to try, no need to justify
Or take their guilt trip at the end of the line.
They're for themselves, it doesn't matter what they say
Promise the world then take, then take your universe away
They'll break you down making your vision fade away
It's time to go: get off of my case"

Someone you USED to hate:
"Warning's fair
I don't care very much
I don't care much"

Emo kids:
"Did anybody think that you would really seriously slit your wrists?
In fact I think that everybody thinks you're seriously full of s--t
You don't mean it
You need a uniform
So you won't be ignored
You are affected
And so you're accepted"

Preppy kids:
"Go to Fred Segal, you'll find them there
Laughing loud so all the little people stare
Looking for a daddy to pay for the champagne"

The best day of your life:
"Up in the clouds
We'll be higher than ever
So happy I could die
And it's alright"

The worst day of your life:
"And here is silence,
And here is nothing,
And here is everything I'm not.
And no one listens to a word I say
(Its just day after day
I just wanna wake up
I just wanna wake up)"

What song makes you think of... (Answer with song titles.)

Someone you love:
- "A little piece of Heaven"

Someone from your past:
-"So Far Away"

-"Natural Life"

A good memory:

A bad memory:
-"Panic Prone"

The future:
-"A thread of Light"

An overwhelming event in your life:
-"Horn of Betrayal"

A sunny day:
-"Precious Things"

A rainy day:
-"Cry for me Sky"

The summer:
- "Across the Sky"

The winter:
-"Time Floats on"

The loss of someone close:
-"What if"

Your family:

Your friends:
-"Welcome to the family"

...Dirty things:
-"Let Me"

People of the music.
A particular artist you wouldn't mind doing?
-lol. Gabriel Garcia from Black Tide

A band/singer you currently love:
-Black tide

A band/singer you used to love to death:
-Avenged Sevenfold (I still love them, they're just not my absolute fave anymore)

A band/singer that makes you think of the one you love:

The one you hate:

Who do you have on a poster?:
-Black Tide, Kerli, Emilie Autumn, Slayer and Manson, and many others

Band shirts? Who?
-Black Tide, Avenged Sevenfold, and Emilie Autumn

Been on a concert - whos?
-Many (Just gonna list all the bands I've seen, even if I've seen them more than once)
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Tide
The Confession
Machine Head
Three Days Grace
Emilie Autumn
Trans-Siberian Ochestra
Dir en Gray
Window Pane
Voodoo Glow Skulls
Attack Attack (Didn't like them, just went to that show cause Black Tide was on the bill)
William Control
(there might be some I'm forgetting)

Artist you've met:
-Black Tide, but I want to meet them again, 'cause my camera got stolen at that show.

A band/singer you can't believe you adored:
-Brittany Spears when I was little

Who makes the best lyrics?
-Emilie Autumn

You and the music - together...
Can you sing? If yes, good or bad?
-Yes decently

Do you like singing?

Can you play an instrument? If so, what?

Are you in a band? If no, would you like to be? If yes, what's it called?
-Used to be, then we all got busy with life: Dark Night Lost

What genre do/would you play?
-I play blues-rock the best

For how long have you been listening to music, really?
-my whole life

Do you watch music channels such as MTV?
-I watch Fuse from time to time, but MTV is no longer a music channel.
Hasn't been for a long time.

Your favorite genre:
-Rock, metal and industrial

The genre you hate the most:
- 'Disney' pop.

Currently favorite song:
- "Sisters of Darkness" by Halestorm

A song you just CAN'T stand nowadays:
- Um.... can't name one off the top of my head.


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