When it's Time (Pre-StarKid story)

This is a group story between myself and xxGinnyxx I don't want to give anything away so I'll just give you the names of the characters. Alice Wiley and Nevada Melody Succamelli.

Chapter 1

Another whole year with these people?

"Alice Wiley! You get up right now or I swear I will pour ice water on you!" I heard my dad yell from down the hall. I open my eyes and blink a couple times. I turn my head to look at my alarm clock (which for whatever reason decided not to go off today, the stupid thing has been busted for months) It was 6:30. Damn, I was going to be late if I didn't rush.
Rolling out of bed I take my phone off the charger and check for new messages. I have one from my best friend Nevada: "ALICE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IT WAS BEEN TWO FREAKING MONTHS WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME ON MY OWN WITH THESE CRAZY PEOPLE? HURRY UP AND COME LOVE ME I MISS YOU!" I smile and the text. She, of course, is referring to my spending yet another entire summer vacation on my grandpa's farm in south-west Russia. We haven't seen each other since I left after finals, I suddenly felt extremely awake and stepped over to my closet to get dressed, I chose my favorite shirt with Jasmine on it and a pair of light brown jeans. I walked over to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Once that was done I pulled my hair back in to a braid. with a final glance in the mirror I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs where I made myself some tea and answered Nevada's text. "OHMYGOD I MISSED YOU BEST FRIEND. I am going to attack you when I see you, it's been far too long comrade." I smiled as I sent the text. She answered back quickly: "Oh you hush up your communist is showing! Get here faster I miss my lovely russian!" I let out a chuckle and typed back: "Oh that's so sweet...I appreciate your company..sometimes...not really....so how about that weather? Just kidding I love you :D." I took a sip of my tea with a smile.
My smile faded away when my less than lovely step-mom walked into the kitchen, she nodded in my direction with obvious distaste. I noticeably rolled my eyes at her. With that I took my tea and walked to the front door. "Dad! I'm going now! See you later." I yelled up the stairs putting on my black ballet flats.
"Okay have fun at school, even though that's psychologically impossible!" He yelled back.
I grinned at my dad's goofiness and walked out the door, tea in hand and my bag slung over my shoulder.

I parked my car in the back parking lot and speed walk through the back doors I had five minutes until the warning bell. I stopped quickly at my locker and dropped off a few books, then sped to the front of the auditorium where we always stood in the morning with a couple of friends. I turned the corner and tossed my bag towards our group. Still holding my thermos I called out "Ada get your silly butt over here!" She turned around and her face lit up.
"ALICE!" She ran towards me and hugged me. I hugged her back.
"I missed you a lot, like a lot a lot." I said as we stood there holding each other.
"I know! please don't ever leave me with these people again!" She said letting go and pointing a thumb over to our small friend group.
"I promise I won't,"I told her smiling together we walked over to them and then all engulfed me in a big group hug.
"Ada what do you have first?" I asked her as we were gathering our things .
"English with Grimes you?"
"YES!!!! Come on best friend."
"Okay best friend!" I answered linking arms with her. Together we headed to english to start our last first day of High School.
Hey all! the beginning's a bit slow, so sorry about that! This was a bit of an explaining chapter/characterization thing, once the story picks up it'll be more interesting! thanks for reading everyone!

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