wait....how do i get back to my anime!!

wait....how do i get back to my anime!!

Ok this is about a girl who tiped the scale of balance and mixed up all the animes in her closet! She has to go and put each character back into their rightful anime...or it will change all animes forever!!!

Chapter 1

ohh....shiny ....wait whats going on

by: _Terbear_
My name is rayin Ootinata.I'm 13 years old,and I'm 5'3. I love anime!! I have lots of animes. I just came home from a long day of school which i am now free from for 3 whole months.I jumped and layed down on my bed.I looked up at the star colored roof wishing I was a anime. I looked down at my drawing pad where I drawn a character for each of my animes.

"What's the point its impossible.." I told my self the truth. I wanna meet them! Its so not fair.like when I dream of a anime guy like sasuke then snap back into reality and look at the boy next to me who is NOWHERE as sexyy as sasuke or even naruto for a matter of fact!!then it makes reality boys look terrible.

Its probably why most boys don't respect the anime. I sighed and rolled to my side.the bed was soft almost magical. I gazed at the wall almost consumed of boredom. I noticed a small red light coming from the floor.I slowly sat up trying to figure out what it is.

I got up and dug through my drawer ,then I spotted my pocket knife. I always have one somewhere.I picked it up and flipped it open. I slowly walked towards the are a cut a slit. I flinched when the light got brighter. I cut a square out of the carpet enough to fit me inside.

I gulped and pealed back the rug.At that moment it unleashed a blinding red light.I quickly shied my eyes with my hand and tried to adjust my eyes. It took me a minute but I got used to it.I looked down upon the stairs which was spiral shaped down a mysterious path.I wonder where this came from.

I climbed down legs first beginning the first steps to my possible doom. I guess I'm the stupid girl who went down the mysterious stairway as the audience shouts 'don't go in there!! You'll get killed '.I know how they feel now.

I walked down slowly keeping one hand on the wall just in case.I peaked around the corner into the blunt ray of red and saw a scale.it had a yellow star on one side and a black wing on the other.I the middle it had my favorite sign : The yin and yang symbol.it was beautiful to look at and....tempting to touch.

A mischievous smirk grew on my face as I realized that this might be the funniest and most fun thing I did all week! I stood up straight forgetting my fear of getting in trouble and jogged normally down the stairs.I walked towards the glowing red
Painting under the scale.I lightly touched the scales middle hesitated to touch the sides.

I saw a button that had the play symbol on it I pushed it slowly hoping I wouldn't get killed or dropped in a pond.I looked around a pressed it again. I did it over and over again ,then got frustrated. "This piece of junk don't even work! "I said kicking the device it stood on.

I scoffed and looked at the book which was so preety! "Oh shiny..."I said slowly opening it.I looked at the first page which was the animes I watch that were in fact in my closet.

Ãnimes in closet
Fruits basket / ouran HSHC
yu yu hakusho / Naruto
mew mew power / school rumble
Dragon ball z/ sailormoon
soul eater/ poke'mon

I looked at the list checking it twice like Santa checks his list. This person is sick!! Spying on teens with a natural obsession for animes. I looked hard at the print on the bottom a read it out loud. ".....The chosen child shall never read these words from this book or all hell will break lose..."

All of a sudden the book stopped glowing. I looked at it curiously and notice instead the golden scale glowed bright red. I looked at it and thought 'what's the worst that can happen? ' .I tipped it on the wing side because it was the prettiest side."NOOOO!! " I herd a voice scream behind me.it was too late wind broke through the glass and heavy air blow left and right.

I tried my best to stay standing.I covered my face with my arms blocking little to no air from my face. It took a lot of strength but I looked up and made out box-sets of animes flying past me and into the book."HEY MY ANIMES!!" I yelled trying to catch one but I badly missed it as I fell to the floor.

The wind (which was going almost 56 mph) died down leaving me on the floor and the person behind me on the stairs. I sat up and turned around.I looked at the person and he looked mad....really mad.

I rubbed the back of my head and gave a uneasy laugh. "Ops...my bad ...he he.." I looked at him as he stood up.dusting his self off."whatever kid... your gonna have to fix it though!! "He almost yelled.

"Fix...it? "I said slowly oh what have I done now!!

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