The Marauder's Map

The Marauder's Map

Enjoy this interesting and fun story about the creation and use of the Marauder's Map
I'm not a major expert on this, so I'm sorry if i make any mistakes.

Chapter 1

Remus's POV

Prongs, Padfoot and Wormtail were wandering around the castle in the middle of the night. It was during a full moon so they knew I couldn't come along but I wanted to go. Why couldn't they go a different night? Oh well. I just wanted to be included. So, they were going and got in trouble. Like usual. You can count on Severus to be a snitch. He knows too much about us. But, I don't like to be mean to him. I know he just does it to get attention.
I heard my friends whispering as I woke up. "We need an idea!" I heard. "But how? We lose eachother too easily and how are we going to find eachother? We do need an idea but and idea to make what?"
"Mmm." I groaned. "Hi you guys. How was your 'adventure' last night?"
"I think you know Moony. But now that you're up, we need an idea." Prongs told me.
"Yeah? About what?"
"Well, we always lose eachother when we tour the castle. We need something to track where we're going. No one can know how we find eachother." Wormtail explained.
"Ok. Um, how about a compass. Go north." I suggested.
"Very funny." Prongs rolled his eyes. "What do you think Padfoot?"
"Let's go to the common room. I can think better there." He said. We all agreed and went to the Gryffindor common room.
"Okay. Now that we're here, I've got an idea! What about a map? That's usually how we find things. How are we going to make it secretive?" Padfoot asked. I have to admit, it was a brilliant idea.
"An enchanted map! That's it!" Prongs exclaimed. "Padfoot, you're a genius!"
"Um, thanks." Padfoot responded. I could tell he was tired. Poor Padfoot. He had a rough night. He probably had to go full out dog to protect everyone.
"We also have to make the map support me during my monthly transformations. Please." I said. I couldn't have anyone know about my....changes.
"Well of course! We need to figure out more about the purpose of this map. What are we going to call it? Firstly." Prongs asked.
"The Enchanted Map of Hogwarts?" I suggest.
"Too long." Padfoot says. "How about The Map?"
"Eh." I say as I smile.
"Well it is OUR map. We're the Marauders, so why not call it the Marauder's map?" Wormtail suggested.
"YES!" Prongs, Padfoot and I shouted at once.
"So we know what to call it. Now for what it can do." Prongs announced. As Prongs said that, I knew we had been up and in our common room for to long. People started to run into it. BREAKFAST TIME! Yay....
We had a yummy breakfast. Owls came and I got...A NEW BROOM! I was super excited to play quidditch. I'm a beater, fun. The broom was super fancy with inscriptions of snitches that were actually colored gold. I was so excited that I forgot about the map and went flying on my broom for about an hour. Then I had to go to class. But flying was fun.
I can't wait to create the map. It's going to be so much fun and helpful. The day went by so fast and I was really tired by the end of it. Since I was so tired, I went to sleep super early (8:00). Goodnight.

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