How to annoy Hetalia characters

These are just for fun and I just thought them up off the top of my head.
P.S. This is NOT meant to diss Hetalia! It's my all time favorite show and book!

Chapter 2


by: Hisao
1. Make him eat England's cooking (Actually... this would work for anyone)
2. Tell him the others had a 'secret meeting' (Fake, of course) and watch as he becomes enfuriated for being discluded (Yet again)
3. Tell him HIS uniform is tacky, especially his cape. Soon he may be in intensive care (May give him a heart attack, so may want to tread with caution!)
4. Ask how old he is. If he tells you, laugh. If he doesn't say, "You're just afraid because you're old."
5. 'Accidentaly' throw a pink sock into the washer with all his white clothes (Make sure to conceal any evidence!)
6. Call him a 'minor character' and see if he pops or does anything of the sort

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