How to annoy Hetalia characters

These are just for fun and I just thought them up off the top of my head.
P.S. This is NOT meant to diss Hetalia! It's my all time favorite show and book!

Chapter 3


by: Hisao
1. Critisize him about his cooking (Warning: He may try to kill you)
2. Tell him pirates are annoying and all should go away or something (Since he used to be a pirate)
3. Talk like America, which would annoy him a lot (Just say 'like' and 'totally' a whole bunch of times and act over-excited about everything)
4. Laugh about how both America AND Canada left him to become their own countries (Don't forget Whales!)
5. Convince Russia to come attack him by saying England plans to attack him (This one would be pretty easy!)
I kinda laugh when I type these up 'cuz I always think "What do people think of me when they read these?" In fact Hetalia is my favorite show, which surprised my Mom to death since I've always been obsessed with Pokemon! (She hates it when I hum 'Marukaite Chikyuu') Anyway, thanks for reading! Comment if you'd like to say anything about it at all! I enjoy reading the comments.

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