How to annoy Hetalia characters

These are just for fun and I just thought them up off the top of my head.
P.S. This is NOT meant to diss Hetalia! It's my all time favorite show and book!

Chapter 5


by: Hisao
since I'm sick...
1. Ask him pointless questions (ex: What is your favorite color?) while writing them down. When he asks why say it is notes for America "in case of a war" (of course there won't be a war, but just to freak Russia out)
2. Agree 100% with whatever stupid comment Latvia has to say. Just COMPLETELY agree
3. "Accidentaly" throw a red sock in with his scarf when he washes it
4.Dye his hair white and tell him he looks like he's aged 1,000 years
5. Ask why he wears a scarf and coat (Of course he'll reply with something about Siberia being cold) and begin comparing him to Red from Pokemon whose stood atop a mountain for 3 long years in nothing but a short sleeved jacket and jeans (Please, do not atempt this as Russia will attempt to kill Red!)
6. Send him to Africa with his jacket glued to him
7. Paint his house rainbow colors
8. Ask if he has any real friends or if they've just been bullied into it
I wrote these during school and had a few more, but... they seemed stupid...

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