America's Secret

<3 Hetalia Fanfic

Chapter 1

America's Secret

America glanced around his home, which was strangely empty. America stood there, listening to the unusual silence; it wasn't everyday he was alone. Not that he was scared though! Heroes don't get scared at being home alone! America walked through the house, stopping in front of a mirror, his image reflected back to him in it.
America's dirty blond hair was a bit more wild then it was usually, mostly because he had not really combed it yet; even so, his cowlick still stood straight up, bring a small smile to his face. His light blue eyes sparkled behind his glasses, and his bomber jacket, covered his usual clothing. He wore black gloves on his hands, though you could not really see them due to the jacket; noticing this, America quickly rolled the sleeves up to his elbows.
"Totally hero style!" America yelled suddenly with a wild grin.
"Totally hero style...!" his voice echoed through the empty house, at a much lower tone.
He turned away from the mirror, looking around.
"Whoa dude....this place is super creepy when it's empty..." he whispered, shivering when he remembered one of his many scary movies.

"If you're so scared of those bloody movies, stop watching them!" England had said to him when America had invited him to watch a movie.
"No way dude!" he said stubbornly back, clinging to his pink pillow. "These movies are too awesome too miss!"

"Yeah! Too awesome!" America yelled, snapping out of the small flash back.
America then 'strutted' around his house, looking around at the familiar objects.
"Ugh man, this is totally boring!" he exclaimed finally, stretching. "There has to be something to do!"
Suddenly, America started to put the puzzle pieces together; home alone... no one around to see him do anything... hero...
America's eyes widened with excitement. Finally, he could do what he wanted to do for awhile!
"Oh yeah dude! This is going to be so cool!" he yelled, running upstairs to his messy room.

He turned on some music, some kind of techno; he didn't really care, as long as he was able to dance to it.
That's right; America's secret passion was dancing.
America listened to the beat, nodding his head slightly, up and down, up and down. He was starting to get a feel of the beat as the sound waves traveled through him.
And he started to dance.
He puts his hands on his hips, moving them from side to side fast. He then started thrusting a little before he slid around, grinning wildly and giving out whoops of excitement. It wasn't everyday the America could indulgent in this hobby of his. Grinning still, he started to spin around, doing random types of dancing, mixing it all together. He was enjoying himself fully.
By the time the song ended and he turned off the radio, he was sweating. He feel onto a chair, panting lightly from dancing so hard. Even though he was tired now, he was happy still, tapping his foot to the beat that the music went to. He closed his eyes, sighing softly, falling asleep. He didn't even notice when his butler came into his room, seeing him asleep on the chair.


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