About Amber ^.^

This is just a bit about Amber, if you want to write the next chapter, send me a message! :D

Chapter 1

Read Below!

Well, hello there! Don't worry, Amber, it's not going to be bad!

First of all, I love you, you're amazing, you're funny, you're beautiful, and an evil genius.

I love you because you're you. I love talking to you, sniping you on fb while listening to Mission Impossible music and spamming your profile. I love listening to A Pocketful Of Sunshine while replying to your messages, and I love how you always make me laugh. You're a great person (which I can't say enough) and I wish I was your neighbor, so we could watch your cats act crazy and make them targets of our non-existent weapons.

Amber, there is a reason you're in my top 5. You are incredible, don't ever forget that. You are one of the persons that inspire me everyday, to become someone better, more beautiful, someone smarter and stronger.

Thank you for everything you've given me, and I hope this gives you something back.


I got a pocketful of sunshine, I got a love and I know it's not mine oh-oho!

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztCMNHAT8uM )

Or... ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A )

Amber, here is a small idiotic poem for you ^.^

There once was a girl
That helped me change my life
She turned it upside down
Ripped the carpet from my feet
and couldn't help chuckling as I fell

When she saw my tears, however, she embraced me
and called me her friend
I'll never forget the day
Amber became something grand
something I could not avoid
and something I came to love

All this is written from my p-o-v and will never be forgotten
Because to forget Amber
would be a betrayel of my mind
Which is crazy anyway
and can't be defined

Amber, you are my friend
And I swear I won't forget you
Because sisters we are
and I'll always love you!

Haha, that was sucky, but true ^.^ Amber, I love you!

For-ever-and-ever until you kick me into the grave and spit on my coffin, damning me to the deepest pit of hell! xD



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