The Dark House (werewolf love story)

Hi im Stephanie, I'm a country girl moving to the sunny beaches of California this means getting used to many new things,including preps! theres a house, a girl, a boy, an animal and LOVE.

Chapter 1

New beginnings

As i was was getting ready for school i picked out white booty shorts and a white tanktop and a open shirt that was blue and it was sparkly and plaid.And i picked up my school bag and headed down the street. And i couldnt believ how big the school was it was HUGE! As i went in i saw the big lockers and nice big hallways i felt like i could walk forever. I felt someone run into me and i fell and dropped my stuff i mumbled under my breath dam! I am so sorry! as i looked up i saw the most gorgeous guy ever! But then i remembered i had a long distance relation ship that was gonna end with Shane liking Samantha. Are you ok.. im Stephanie. Are you ok Stephanie? Yeah are you ok..Jacob. Are you ok Jacob? Yeah im not the one sitting on the floor am i? Well this is embarassing! its fine youll be okay. well i better get going Jacob so see you later. as i picked my stuff up and put it back in my bag and headed to room 140. As i entered i saw Jacob and mumbled under my breathe oh god! You must be Stephanie Swan.Well there is empty space by Jacob. Alright. I put my stuff on the table and sat down. Well well well who do we have here Jakey? Hi Amanda. Shes sitting in my spot. Amanda you can go sit by Bailey. no im gonna sit by Jake. As i picked my stuff up and was moving jacob pulled me back on the chair. Jakey she was moving! Go sit by Bailey shes your friend anyway oh and we are done! Oh and new girl why dont you go back to the country where you belong. Why dont you go to ho town where you belong and if you knew what was best for you you wouldnt mess with me and if you do you best be getting out of my face because i know how to fight and i have a black belt in karate so you might wanna leave. Why dont you make me! As i stood up she knew i wasnt kidding so she decided to go sit down. As school was done i made new friends Bailey,Andrew,Kailey,Jacob,Hannah,Suzie,Blake,Evan,Mac,Nick,Natlie and Jordan. We are all going to the beach later steph do you wanna come? Asked Nick. Yeah ill come i need some sun!

Hope you guys like it i decided to make a new story the others were getting hard to think about so Comment!

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