Shaman Shinigami

a shaman king and bleach crossover :) i dont own neither bleach or shaman king but Captain Kotori Hikaru Asakura and Lieutenant Yoshimiko Nikamura are my original creations as well as other oc characters who i may later think of. please leave a comment cause i really want to know what people think but if u dont then the spider monkeys will get revenge for me >:)

maybe some toshiroxOC later on

Chapter 1

Welcome to Tokyo-prolouge

"rukia why are we here again?"
Ichigo, rukia and renji had been summoned to Tokyo: being informed that others would join them later. The reasons exactly were unknown but from the start they could tell that there was a high concentrate of some kind of spiritual pressure.
"don't you ever listen idiot?" rukia shouted before hitting him on the head "the last of the exiled arrancar experiments have been spotted here, they are said to be extremely dangerous and out of control. they were mentally uncomplete since they were never technically shinigami but a form of a modified soul from a hollow, it was only released recently that they existed and only now have been causing trouble, they cannot be really classed as neither a arrancar or a hollow but something dangerously inbetween. they have said to be gaining other hollows on there side too, the quicker this is dealt with the better"
"so if you haven't been able to put 2 and 2 together we are here to eliminate them however we don't know who is joining us or how long we are staying" renji argued
"I wasn't asking you!" ichigo shouted
"guys! We have a job here! Urahara has even moved his shop temporally here too" rukia said while hitting them both "firstly we find out who we are being joined by. We will find out tomorrow morning, we have been told to go to a certain school where they will meet us there"
"sure. Which school is this?"
"shinra private academy"

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