Teen Titans Character (For Shine_on's Contest)

AHHH! There's only 5 people left! How am I still in? I really don't know. Well, I have to make another character for Teen Titans. Wish me luck...

Chapter 1

I hate chapter titles

by: dat_nerd
Name: The Unknown
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Skin Tone: Bright red skin everywhere except his hands, the only place untouched...
Eye Color: Bright red, including the whites of his eyes
Hair Color: A darker red
Personality: He's shy and quiet and is never eager for anything as he hides in the shadows of many, remembering his past...
History: Was born in Washington state, near the Canadian border. His parents were abusive and believed to be magical. One day, they put him in a talk, chained from his feet where they put a strong red die inside him which apparently was 'magical.' He tried to break free, but his hands were all that could get out of that four-foot tank. When they finally freed him, his entire body was completely red. He had enough and ran away finding himself in Japan. There, he would discover his powers...
Powers: He can multiply himself as many times as he wants.
Clothes: He usually wears a shirt and tie, and no shoes.
Side: He ain't good or evil, just an anti-hero.
Other:...I got nothing.

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