Shout-Outs to People! :D

Reeeeaaaaadddd! :D

Chapter 1


by: Dance
I've met so, so, so many amazing people on here that I figured it's time for me to give y'all a shout-out! These are just a few! More to come!

Awena_Evenstar: Where do I begin? You're amazing! Funny, talented, nice, fantastic writer, ambitious(sp? yeah, I need you to correct my spelling, too! xD) the list could go on and on! The first time you ever commented on my profile, it said:
you: Hey, micki's right??
me: Yep:)
Now look at us! :D I'm so lucky to know you!

alir1234: You were my first friend here. You were sooo supportive of Mixed Emotions and you showed me Chatzy. You're so funny, an amazing writer, you stick up for what you believe in, you're really pretty, and you wrote a group story with me even when I sucked at writing! I probably wouldn't have stayed on Quibblo if you hadn't shown me how many fantastic people I could meet. Thanks, Als!

ILuvharrypotterHP: Kayla, you're awesomesauce! Chatzy buddies!!!!!!! :D You're a great writer and really funny! Thanks for always being there! Luvvvyyyy you, sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

OPERA23: I really like talking to you! You're funny and really kind! I don't know you super well, but I'm glad the quiz invite got messed up or we might not have started talking! :D

These are just a few! :D I'm so blessed to have met everyone I've met and I consider myself lucky to know y'all! :D

~Lots of Love~

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