To: Geena, From: GraceAnne :]

Why are you reading this? Nothing of importance resides in this small box!

Chapter 1

Uh... Creative Chapter Title? ;)

"Skip-a-dee-doo-dah!" GraceAnne sings loudly, dragging her friend, Geena, down the sidewalk.

"Where are you taking me, exactly?" Geena grumbles.

"Cheer up! It's only the bestestestest...est... thing ever! You wanna know what it is?!"


"Well... Harry Potter is cool. And so are musicals. So someone put them together! Like, bibbidi bobbidi boo! StarKidPotter! They're doing A Very Potter Musical!"

"That sounds... lame and... interesting..."

"Something can't be lame and interesting!"

"Sure it can."

GraceAnne groans in exasperation and continues dragging an unwilling Geena all the way to the magical play! Geena was being all grumbly and antisocial, so GraceAnne started playing Pokémon while waiting for the play to start.

Several people were staring at her because she was a college girl who still played Pokémon! But Pokémon are cool!

The curtain finally opens to a boy with an Afro. Like, a legit white boy 'fro. Geena perks up, inspecting the boy.

Then he starts to sing. "Underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel the glares of my cousin, my uncle and my aunt..."

Hey, he's pretty good! GraceAnne puts away her Pokémon and watches the play. She thinks the guy who plays Ron is super-cute, and she can tell that Geena likes Harry.

They both laugh - Geena's grumbly mood went POOF! and left -  and the curtain goes down as Act One finishes.

"You like the guy with the white boy 'fro," GraceAnne says, nudging Geena as she takes out her Pokémon again. She's trying to train her stupid female Combee so it'll evolve into Vespiqueen. But it's a dumbass.

"You like the guy with the crooked jaw," she counters.

"Yes, because he's adorkable," she says, not moving her eyes from the screen as Combee takes on a Glameow. Dammit, Glameows are supposed to be the most pathetic Pokémon in the Sinnoh region! Okay, maybe Bidoof is worse... But at least they can be HM Slaves...

"I still like the 'fro."

"And I like the jaw. And I hate this dumb Glameow," GraceAnne says as Glameow KOs her Combee, and she has to bring Monferno to the rescue. "Go, Rafiki!" Because GraceAnne named all of her Pokémon after Lion King characters. "Geena, will you kill this Glameow for me?" she whines, holding out her DS.

"I have no clue how."

GraceAnne scowls as the curtain reopens, and put her DS up. It's funny, of course, but there are more serious parts. Like when Harry and Ginny start singing something - Not Alone, she thinks, by the lyrics.

Geena listens, carefully, before GraceAnne thinks she sees her eyes well up with tears. GraceAnne smiles, and turns back to the stage.

After Voldemort and Quirrel are reunited, GraceAnne and Geena rush out. As they wait in some sort of line to exit, GraceAnne pulls out her DS again, while Geena seems lost in thought.

As they finally exit, Geena and GraceAnne run into three people. One is Harry, one is Ron, and one is Voldemort.

"Is that Pokémon?!" Voldemort asks.

"Yes," GraceAnne says, not looking up.

"Ew, why do you want a Vespiqueen?"

"Because they're badass. I'm GraceAnne, and this is Geena."

"I'm Joey, that's Walker, and that's Darren," Ron says. GraceAnne thinks about how much cuter Joey is up close...

GraceAnne strikes up a conversation with Joey and Walker about Pokémon and Harry Potter, and leaves Geena alone with Darren, like the great friend she is.

When they have to leave half an hour later, GraceAnne successfully has Joey's number, and Geena has Darren's. Okay, maybe GraceAnne's is written on her hand, and Geena's is on a neat piece of paper, but they still got it!

And then they live happily ever after!


Note - I wrote this in about ten minutes, so that's why it's short and un-detailed. Just saying. :]


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