Dislikes thing

Chapter 1

pretty short...

by: m3rcy616
1. What sound do you hate the most?:
Squealing brakes. badly out of tune instruments (unless someone's going purposely for a discordant sound, like King Diamond does frequently.)

2. What colour do you hate the most?

3. Which music artist can you not stand?
most of the Disney pop 'kids' (though, actually, I think Miley Cirus's music is ok. She has some songs I actually like.)

4. What meal is the worst?
the meals you can't really taste cause you're sick. I hate that, cause it's usually good food that I'm given BECAUSE I am sick.

5. Whats the most annoying thing someone's done to you?
Roomie's friends tromping into my apartment as loud as they possibly can when I had just gotten to sleep.

6. What shoes do you hate the most?
Flats. Unless they're canvas flats, I don't like them. They just look ugly to me.

7. Whats the grossest food you've ever tried?
green olives. bleh.

8. What teacher was the most annoying in past years?
the physics teacher I had in senior year. I understood all the concept of everything, and I'm pretty good with numbers, but her way of teaching just did not connect with me at all, and so I failed that class, though I tried so very hard to pass.
And so my parents gave me a break about failing it.

9. Whats the most annoying thing about the opposite gender?
Shnees (my besties' made up word for 'man ho')
I can't stand anyone who cheats, regardless of gender.

10. What do you think of your best friends sibling/s if they have one/any?
Which one? Rage's older brother is finally getting his life on track, Shanna's stressed by her sibling, due to his condition. and Nix's little sisters, one we never see anymore cause she lives with Nix's mom, and the other is mad at me.

11. Who did you copy and paste this from? CSI_Freak

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