Ways to Annoy the Harry Potter Characters

BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Don't say I didn't warn you...
Yes, I did write it myself, if anyone is wondering. It's 100% my creation. Well, not the characters, but you know what I mean.
I hope you like it, comments are welcome :3
This was originally "50 ways to annoy Ron Weasley (for Chocolatehorse's contest)" but I added more chapters and changed the name. :)

Chapter 1

50 Ways To Annoy Ron Weasley

1) Turn his teddy bear into a spider... Again.

2) call him Won-Won all the time.

3) offer to correct his Divination essay and "accidentally" spill ink all over it.

4) call him a ginger, in an insulting manner.

5) call him "Roonil Wazlib".

6) pretend not to know his name.

7) sing "Weasley is our King" (Slytherin Version!) in the Great Hall, and get the first years to join in.

8) Tell him that Hermione is pregnant with Draco Malfoy's baby.

9) Mock him by saying "Bloody helI" all the time in a pathetic imitation of his voice.

10) show him Potter Puppet Pals.

11) tell him his mum and dad are dead.

12) make a point of teasing him about how his parents wanted him to be a girl.

13) tie him to a chair and don't let him go until he admits he's in love with Hermione or until he reads "Hogwarts: A History".

14) Get Malfoy to snog Hermione.

15) replace his dress robes with Ginny's dresses.

16) spread a rumour that he's in love with Pansy Parkinson.

17) give him a 6-month-old spellcheck quill and see how long it takes him to realize his name is spelled "Roonil Wazlib" again.

18) read his diary aloud in the Great Hall. Make sure the Slytherins hear.

19) run into his date with Hermione and:
A) snog Hermione/ Ron
B) scream "Troll in the dungeons!"

20) tell him that Harry is better looking, even though it isn't true.

21) paint his nails pink while he's sleeping.

22) replace his maroon four-poster drapes with pink ones.

23) ask him why he doesn't have a cool scar.

24) use "petrificus totalus" on him and shove him under the invisibility cloak. In the Shrieking Shack.

25) Give him a weasel for his birthday. Enchant it so that whenever it squeaks, it says "Won Won".

26) take him to Madam Malkin's for a robe fitting and make sure she gives him witch's robes.

27) buy him very pink and frilly dress robes and insist he wear them on his next date.

28) let spiders loose in his dormitory.

29) when talking about the Weasley's, never mention him.

30) tell him that Ginny is a Death Eater.

31) Replace his wand with one from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

32) repeatedly ask him "what is the function of a rubber duck?"

33) talk about him behind his back.

34) tell him that Hermione is a lesbian.

35) Imitate Percy.

36) pour potions on his head that you have absolutely no clue of the purpose for.

37) Tell him a rumour about coughginnyanddeancough

38) Steal his wand, broomstick and other things.

39) follow him around with a group of girls and fangirl over him.

40) cast non-verbal spells at him all day.

41) Stick Ginny/Hermione's "feminine products" in his trunk or drawer.

42) Break into his Gringotts vault and steal all his money. Or, try anyways.

43) Spread a rumour that he is in love with Harry.

44) Scream "Voldemort" when around him.

45) Ask him if he likes looking like a carrot.

46) Call his house and ask for Fred.

47) Ally with Fred, George and Peeves to prank him.

48) Pay Moaning Myrtle to pop up in his shower.

49) Keep asking him why he's a Gryffindor, because he certainly isn't brave.

50) Set him up for a date with Luna Lovegood.

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