Written Script

for contest

Chapter 1

So on


A Ex-Hero Story

Producer: Amber

A small city called Rosville, In the middle of Maine


Abby Doomsdale (villain)
Henry Mercury(hero)
Gale Moon(heroine)
Bystanders (men, women, kids, etc)
Innocent people (prey)

Scene I:

It was a nice, sunny day in Rosville, Maine. Everything seemed completely normal. Henry Mercury and Gale Moon were walking to school on this normal morning. Suddenly the sky turned grey and clouds started spinning across the sky.

Henry: “Gale..you know what we have to do”
Gale: “Let’s suit up!”

They run to the nearest bathrooms and change into their superhero costumes. They run out and use their powers to get in the air. Henry and Gale fly to the source of the trouble and see their arch enemy Abby Doomsdale.

Abby: “Muhahahaha you will never stop me!”
Henry: “You are wrong there!”
Guy1(bystander): “Everyone look! Its Gale Moon and Henry Mercury!”

There was some people screaming with fear when They see Abby Doomsdale. Abby looks at everyone deviously and flies down and picks up a random innocent girl.

Innocent girl: “Help me Gale and Henry!!!”

The girl’s mother is crying. Henry and Gale fly down to her.

Henry: “Don’t worry Ma’am. We will get your daughter back”
Gale: “We will do everything in our powers to get her to you safely.”
Women: “oh thank you so much Henry and Gale!”

Henry and Gale looked at each other and nod bravely. The take off and follow every trail Abby had left behind. The trail ended at a park. They stopped flying and looked around. A bunch of kids goes over to them asking for their autograph

Boy1: “Can I have your autographs please?”
Henry: “Maybe later..right now we need to save a girl”

Boy1 smiles and waves at Henry and Gale as they fly off again to find the innocent little girl and Doomsdale. They finally found them at the torn down park.

Gale: “Let her go Doomsdale”
Abby: “And What is Gale Moon and Henry Mercury going to do?”
Girl: “please help me! Please!”
Henry: “Gale you know what to do!”

Gale nods and starts spinning uncontrollably producing electricity and light. Abby Doomsdale laughs uncontrollably. Henry uses his super speed to get the little girl. Gale throws the ball of energy at Abby causing her to be knocked out.

Little girl: “thank you so much! Mrs. Moon and Mr. Mercury! You are my heroes!”
Henry: “That’s what we are here for Ms.”
Gale: “All in the day’s work”

The little girl hugs them and they take them back to the girl’s mother.

Women: “Thank you so much for bringing my daughter back!”
Henry: “That’s what we do mrs.”
Gale: “That’s our job..No need for thank yous”

Henry and Gale fly back up in air and listen to the crowd below them cheer. They went to school and started their normal lives knowing nothing as exciting was going to happen here.


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