Everything reminds me of you(1D fan-fic)

Chapter 1

Intro :)

by: Shayme
Name: Jessie Rushlow
Looks:Check my album :)
Family:Twin sister Jamie, 5-year old sister Devan, Mom Alisha, Dad Damien
Likes: Dogs(especially labradoodles C; ) Energy drinks, Ellen Degeneres.
Dislikes: Stuck-up people, People who think that their the best
Favorite Music: Bands: Fall Out Boy,
Artists: Rihanna, Eminem, Classified, LMFAO, Justin Bieber,

Personality: shy for the most part, Loud and Outgoing when she's around friends, bits her lip when nervous, mysterious

"Jamie!" I squealed. We're having a tickle fight, and right now, Jamie's winning. I shoved her off of me, and I saw her land on my pillow. I laughed, and before I could get her back, Mom called us downstairs. I sat up, and when I did, Jamie jumped on back. "Fine" I siad as I walked downstairs. "DADDY!" We squealed as we got to front door. "There are my girls!" He said as he hugged the both of us awkwardly. I shrugged Jamie off my back, and I laughed as she fell onto the floor. I heard Devan waking up, and Mom went to her. "What're you doing here Daddy?" I asked curiously. Dad's been working like crazy these past 2 years, and we've barely been able to see him anymore. Mom and Dad got divorced last year, but we already knew that was going to happen. They were never the same after Devan was born. "I wanted to give my girls a little gift" He said happily. I looked at Jamie, and she looked at me hopefully, then to Dad. "What kind of gift?" She asked suspiciously. "What was the name of that band you liked again?" Mom asked as she and Devan came down the stairs happily. "There not just 'that band'" I quoted. "Their name is One Direction" Jamie said happily. We end each other's sentence, and we talk in unison. That's one of the benefits of having a twin. "Liam" I sighed at the same time Jamie sighed "Harry". "I told you that they were addicted Damien" Mom laughed. "I guess you were right Alisha" Dad siad as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. He paid attention, and saw the tickets to the 1D concert tonight. "for you 2" He said happily. We screamed, and I felt Devan hit my leg, which made us both shut up and start laughing.

Dad had left, Jamie and I ran upstairs, and searched out closets frantically. "Nothin. You?" Jamie asked as she sat on my bed unhappily. "No, but I know where we can get something" I siad as I jogged out to the front door. "Mom! Jamie and I are going shopping" I shouted happily. "Hurry back!" She called back. "Okai!" I shouted as I left with Jamie.

When we got to the mall, we walked into numerous stores before we finally found something. "I think I found my perfect outfit!" I said happily. "I think I found mine" Jamie called to me. "One way to find out" We said in unison. "To the dressing rooms" We called like superman.(Link @ bottom)

We got home, and the concert was in 4 hours. We had thrown our bags on my bed, and I quickly went to make something to eat for the both of us as Jamie went to have a shower. When Jamie was done her shower, I ran upstairs, had a shower, and walked into my room, where I saw Jamie drying her hair. "Almost ready?" I asked as I plugged in my hair dryer on the opposite wall, and fluffed my hair. "Almost. Need to do my makeup, and then I'm ready" My twin said with a visible gleam of excitement.

We were ready. We walked downstairs, and I smiled as Mom looked at us proudly. "I can't believe how old you girls look" Mom sighed. Devan's eyes were slowly drooping, and I was about to tell mom that she was ready for bed, but like my Mom had telepathy, nodded to me, and looked at Devan happily. "No worries" Jamie said happily. "your father wanted me to give you these before you left" Mom siad as she handed me a small envelope. I opened it, and ran out the door to squeal excitedly. "Thank you" Mom said happily. I nodded, and ran into my car. Jamie ran after me, and looked in the envelope. She squealed in delight, and I sighed. "Dad knows us all too well" We said in unison.

Outfits: http://www.polyvore.com/set/set?id=47884873

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