Forever Young: Rockstar Demigods

This is a group story with Fab4Forever.

The Demi-Gods, and Forever Young take the world by storm. Where two young rock stars meet when attacked on tour. Brianna Jones, and Raelee James tell what happened to them after that fateful night.

Chapter 1

Tour (Brianna)

Our summer tour had started, and the Demi-Gods and I were traveling all over the world no matter what Chiron said. I stood in my room of our tour bus and took a deep breath. Justin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Lets have a good concert tonight Brianna," He said kissing my cheek. I hugged him and shooed him from my room so I could change. I changed into a black halter top, and a zebra mini-skirt. My zebra print boots were sitting on my bed along with my blue guitar. ( Find the look here.) I slipped my boots on, and curled my hair. I grabbed my guitar and left my room.
"We go on after Forever Young." My cousin, and our drummer Coral said. I nodded and took a deep breath. Justin watched me happily. During the school year, we didn't get to see each other because I stayed at camp while he went home. He grabbed my hand as we walked back stage. Forever Young sounded good. They sounded almost as good as us. But I sensed something bad was about to happen. I ignored the sense as Forever Young finished and introduced us.
"Start with Wish," I whispered to the others as we went on to the stage. They nodded as we took our places.
"One... Two... Three..." Justin started to say. I grabbed the mike and started to sing the song.
"I wish you were here, to calm my fears..." we were lost in the music in seconds. When we had played about fifteen of our songs, we said good night to the screaming fans. I felt a strange connection to the lead singer of Forever Young, and I wasn't the only one. Coral was walking over to the girl.
"Hi, my name is Coral. You guys were great out there," Coral said. I saw a snake like creature from the corner of my eye.
"CORAL, JUSTIN, CASSANDRA, THEO, CHOLE... We have company." I yelled at the others. Cassandra was the first to see what I meant.
"Bri, get them out of here." She told me pointing at Forever Young.
"I have a bad feeling bout this Cass." I whispered to her.
"It's coincidence. It has to be." She whispered looking at the lead singer of Forever Young again. "It's not like she's one of us." Cass said. I nodded and walked over to where Coral was standing.
"Hi, I'm Brianna." I told the girl Coral was talking to. "Coral, Cassandra needs you over there." I told Coral.
"Fine," Coral said walking away.
"My name is Raelee," The girl from Forever Young said.
"Nice to meet you." I said quietly. Justin was watching the Hydra, while I was trying to distract Forever Young from going over there. I watched as Cassandra found a way to get rid of the Hydra with help from the others.
"What's up?" Raelee asked.
"Enjoying summer break with my band." I told her.
"Really? You guys have to see each other some other time of the year to be that good." Raelee said giggling.
"Bri, Cassandra, Coral, and Chole want to talk to us in the bus." Justin said running over to me.
"Coming," I said. I didn't realize that there was a person behind me trying to shoot the three of us with a bow.
I heard something flying through the air, and saw the arrow. Justin slammed me and Raelee to the ground.
"Still think this is normal?" I asked him.
"Not anymore, stay low and follow me.... both of you." He said. Raelee looked scared, but followed us anyways.
"My father is who????" Raelee asked us about an hour later.
"Must we say this again, We're not sure." Theo said.
"Thank Hades we got out of there in time." Cassandra said rubbing a skull necklace between her fingers.
"What do you mean???" Raelee asked.
"Your father is a Greek god. We don't know who yet, but we know that we were all attacked tonight and should get to a safe place." Coral said.
"Coral is a rainbow type girl," Theo said chuckling.
"My mother is the goddess of rainbows, what do you expect Theo?" Coral snapped.
"Lets get to the nearest camp. That's a four hour drive though...." Theo muttered.
"Not if we shadow travel," Cassandra said.
"NO!" Justin, Theo, Coral, and I yelled.
"Shadow travel isn't bad." Chole laughed.
"Says the one who is used to it." Theo muttered again.
"What's shadow travel?" Raelee asked.
"I'll get us a ride." I said.
"I hate your horses though." Cassandra said. We argued about how we'd get to the camp in Grand Junction from where we were in Denver.
"I'm driving," Theo finally said. I nodded and got on the tour bus.
"Raelee, come on. We'll share a room for the night." I said yawning. She giggled and followed me to my room on the bus. I hit the pillows on my bed and was out.

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