To Hell and Back (Starkid)

Hey so this my first story and I thought I'd combine my love for Starkid and Zombies into one story. Starkid doesnt come in for a few chapters but once they do they will remain in the story until the end.

Name:Katie Totooga
Appearance: Tall, Tanned, Blue-green eyes that can go from having barly and green to hardly and blue, Brown hair with natural blonde highlights from being bleached in the sun
Personality: Funny, good sense of humor, good singing voice.

Chapter 1

A World Gone to Hell

My eyes slid open as my senses kick started themselves. I groaned, ‘what was waking me up this time?’ I roll over and realize that nothing was waking me, there was no noise, no water running in the crystal clear fish tank, no hum of the fridge or bark of the family dog. There was only silence. I sat up cautiously, something was wrong, I could feel it. I slowly dressed myself in my training shorts and a singlet. I crept, with ease from the years of sneaking around the house at night, out to the kitchen. Nothing. I continued to my parent’s room, stealing glances around as I walk. Again, Nothing. My eyes cruise over the front yard, seeing an upturned rubbish bin, a newspaper and ‘was that a BODY?’ I rush to the window and sure enough, there is a moving corpse on my front lawn, and it’s moving. ‘Poopy’(swearing should be here but im using Broldens word instead) is my first thought before I hit automatic mode. My family and neighbours seem to have disappeared, it’s easier this way I guess, I can forget, focus on staying alive.
I returned to the kitchen, grabbing three kitchen knives from the holder, I slip them into a makeshift knife belt. Good thing I have plenty of belts. I yank the keys to my father’s car off the hook on the wall. His has an IPod charger and one thing I cannot live without, whether it be the middle of a zombie apocalypse or not, is my music. It kept me going through thick and thin so there is no reason it can’t help me now. I climb up the cupboard in the laundry and grab a couple of sleeping bags. I find a sturdy looking bag and raid the kitchen of any food worth taking and anything that looks helpful. I fold a small picture of my idol, Darren Criss, and shove it in my pocket. Grabbing a change of warmer clothes, I add them to the bag. I grab everything and quietly begin loading my gear into my father’s car. Once it’s all loaded I return to my bedroom, I grab my trusty purple converse, my beloved guitar that my parents brought me for my fourteenth birthday and my ray-bans, yes all three pairs.
I get in the car and start the engine. Truth is, I know how to drive although I’m only sixteen, living on a farm just outside of WA’s capitol city gives you that chance. ‘Well, here I go’ I think before I pull out of the drive way and continue down the road to the only place I know to go.

I realise that its short but Im only posting it to see if you think I should continue.
Let me know xx

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