Tangled Weight Gain

You saw the movie, now here's what I did.

Chapter 1

Rapunzel's Flabby Birthday

Rapunzel had been living with Mother Grothel for 13 years now, and she was enjoying it. Her "mother" cooked for her, they gathered berries in the woods together, and played with each others rolls of fat in bed together. Yes, Rapunzel and Mother Grothel were very fat. Rapunzel weighed 324 pounds, and Mother Grothel weighed a whopping 558 pounds! Rapunzel loved her mother, and Mother zgrothel loved Rapunzel, butt they both loved each others fatty bodies so much. Mother Grothel had always been fat, and was admired for her weight throughout her years, and she wanted Rapunzel to be like her, a Big Beuatiful Woman that was proud of her weight. In fact, Rapunzel was very proud of her weight! She was told by Mother Grothel that when she grew up, you would be very respected if you weighed a lot. Which was very true actually. Mother Grothel's whole female side of the family was overweight of obese, yet surprisingly, had no health issues whatsoever. So, Rapunzel in visioned that all woman were fat, which also was true, but we'll get to that later. The day of Rapunzel's birthday, she asked her mother something. "Mother, I love our thick fatty bodies and I love playing with them in bed with each other, butt do you have plans for our enormous bodies in our future? I want to be able to be with you forever." Mother Grothel smiled at her glutounuss  daughter. She reminded her of herself as a child. "Of course I do darling daughter. One day, we will live in the grandest castle there ever was, and have chefs prepare our meals 20 times a day, and we will grow fatter than you can imagine!" She then lifted a meaty hand to her daughter's thick long golden locks, and while twirling Rapunzel's hair said, "Of course with the help of your hair dear." Rapunzel then hugged her enourmusly huge mother, carresing her fat as well, and her mother returned the favor by doing the same. "Oh, and before I forget, I need to hurry downstairs and get your 'Birthday Suprise' ready. I'll call you downstairs when it's ready. Until then munch on some food. We don't want you to lose your full figure now do we?" Mother Grothel asked her daughter. "No we don't!" Rapunzel replied. Mother Grothel smiled. "You're a good girl Rapunzel. I'll be done soon." With that, Mother Grothel waddled downstairs to finish Rapunzel's surprise. Just 2 minutes later Rapunzel heard her mother calling her downstairs. "And make sure to close your eyes!" Rapunzel closed here yes and proceeded to waddle down the stairs. This was a simple task for her, because she knew the tower, "Top To Buttocks", a joke she and her mother had always laughed about, due to the fact tat they were referencing their enourmusly huge butts. Finally, when Rapunzel reached the buttocks floor, her mother instructed her to lift her arms, and Rapunzel felt a smooth and comfy feeling over her naked body, due to the fact that Rapunzel and Mother Grothel never wore clothes in their whole life. Mother Grothel then brought Rapunzel to a giant mirror big enough to view both of them at the same time. "Open your eyes now dear." Moher Grothel told her daughter. As Rapunzel opened her eyes, she saw the most gorgeous lavender dress she had ever laid eyes on. "Oh mother, I love it! It's so comfy!" Rapunzel cried out. "Now look at me darling." She heard her mother say. As she did she saw her mother in a beautiful red and black V-Neck dress that exposed much of her beach ball sized breasts. "Mother! We look positively absolutely sexy!" Rapunzel exclaimed. "Oh, butt we're not done yet." She then took off her own and Rapunzel's dresses, hung them on a hook, and turned her around. What was just inches away from their enourmusly butts  was a 20 foot by 30 foot bed that was strong enough to hold 6 Mother Grothels and 8 Rapunzels. "M-mother, are we going to sleep together in that forever?" Rapunzel asked her mother. "Not just sleep Rapunzel. We will live in this bed forever and play with our oh so sexy fatty bodies forever. Infa, how would you like to have a go at your fat mom my little fat daughter?" Mother Grothel asked her daughter in a sexy tone. Rapunzel hugged her mother's breasts, butt and belly, then clasped her breasts, boobs and belly before saying, "Let's go flabby." prompting her mother to say, "Then let's go tubby." and the two jumped onto the bed. To be continued...

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