Things StarKid Has Taught Us

So, one day in English class, I thought of this and began writing it down. I'll probably add more once I think of more...

Chapter 1

They made me have a chapter title...

1. You're never alone
2. Good things come in small packages (Lauren Lopez)
3. One day, you're gonna find your group of weirdos, and you ARE cool (Meredith Stepian)
4. You're supposed to feel a pop in your temple when you open your mouth (Joey Richter)
5. That if the Green Goblin was real, Joe Walker would be him (Dylan Saunders)
6. That if Many Patinkin were real, Dylan Saunders would be him (Joe Walker)
7. The best thing to do on tour is to get a tattoo, but then you have to hide it from your parents at Christmas (Julia Albain)
8. Michigan is shaped like a mitten (Jaime Lyn Beatty)
9. Converse is cool (Holy Musical B@man)
10. Nobody can take music away from you (Darren Criss)
11. Twilight Sparkle is the best My Little Pony (Nick Lang)
12. Sometimes, you have to go on a different path than friends, even if it hurts (Bonnie Gruesen)
13. Crooked jaws are very attractive (Joey Richter)
14. A gate can ruin a tour
15. Headbands are cool (Joey Richter)
16. Batman has more twitter followers than Superman (Holy Musical B@man)
17. You never tell someone you like them, it makes you look like an idiot! (AVPM)
18. Spiderman is the best super hero (Joe Walker)
19. You turn on a body vibration machine by pressing Start (Liam White)
20. Sometimes Facebook creeping is necessary
21. New York rangers are beep (Joe Walker)
22. Never work with beep bus company, because they will tell you that you can poop on a bus, and then they will take that away, and your butthole will be screaming in agony! (Lauren Lopez)
23. Even their bus drivers are more talented than them (Joey Richter)
24. Sometimes you have to spaz out when your Red Bull spills (Brian Holden)
25. It's normal to call people your "softest and most loyal" friend.
26. Your professors don't give a sh.t (Joe Walker)
27. NEVER play Chubby Bunny with Brian Holden, you will suffocate as he assures everyone you are fine
28. Connect 4 is awesome (Nick Lang)


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