Get Out Of My Head ;) One Direction Love Story

I know what you're thinking, but I promise, this is a group story! Me and my friends really wanted to do one, even though we each have our own stories! I know the names are also very familiar but we decided to use our names! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Meet the Fam!

by: AlliMarks
“So, do you have any homework” Jess asked bluntly, I nodded “Yes, but I can’t be bothered, why does that teacher have to give us weekend homework, it’s not right”. Brooke laughed lightly and Talia glared at me, “Do your homework” she said sternly, Brooke agreed “Yeh Ali, you never do it, and you always get into trouble”. I rolled my eyes, if this is what it was going to be like all week, I might run away. “Fine, but I’m doing it in my room” I said as I walked upstairs, I heard the girls behind me talking about the concert on Sunday. I sat on my bed and took out my laptop, “So what’s the homework on” Talia asked, I frowned “Some science homework”. Brooke looked at my screen “Did we have chemistry homework” she asked nervously, I shook my head “No, but it’s Geology”, both of them sighed “Geology is so boring” Talia stated, “Yeh, why do you like studying rocks” Brooke added. I shrugged my shoulders and began day dreaming about the concert. “Ok so we have to go shopping tomorrow, for clothes” Brooke said excitedly, Talia and I agreed eagerly, “But for now, we need homework music” I grinned. I grabbed my iPod and put it in the dock, One Direction’s Album was playing, “Seriously, do you even listen to your other music” Talia asked. I shook my head “No, One Direction is just so amazing”. ‘More Than This’ started playing so I sat up excitedly, Brooke and Talia were talking about something at school, probably History, “Shhhh, Liam is singing” I yelled, they looked at me and began talking again, “Shh Harry now” I yelled again. They laughed within themselves and spoke even louder, I lay against the wall frowning, then I heard Niall begin his verse “GUYS SHOOSH NIALL IS SINGING” I yelled loudly, they looked at me weirdly and stopped talking for a minute “Seriously are you going to do this for every one of their songs” Talia groaned, “Shhhh Talia, Louis is on now” I hissed, Brooke just laughed and took out her phone. She texted somebody, then Talia’s phone beeped, Talia got out her phone and read the message, she laughed and texted back. It took a long time but I finally realised they were having a conversation through their phones. “Guys, seriously that is not fair” I complained, they both looked at me with very smug expressions, “Oh sorry I thought we were interrupting your precious One Direction” Brooke replied sarcastically. I was about to speak when I heard a knock at the door, “Come in” I called, my brother Alex opened the door, “Lyss, its dinner time now”, I nodded and motioned for the girls to follow me downstairs. “So, what’s for dinner” I asked nervously, “We are having lasagne” Lachlan replied, Brooke looked away nervously but Talia grabbed a plate and began eating away quickly. “Guys, is it a vegetable one” I asked hopefully, the shook their heads “EW, Vegetables” Lachlan said disgustedly. I sighed “Brooke is vegetarian”, Jess looked at her apologetically “Sorry, I forgot”. Brooke smiled “No, it’s okay”, I rolled my eyes “Well I guess we can make something else”, Brooke nodded excitedly “Yes, this will be so fun”, Talia looked up instantly “I’m helping” she insisted. “Wait” Tom shouted “Don’t let Lyssa cook or go near anything sharp or pointy”, I was suddenly offended “And why is that” I asked annoyed, my siblings just laughed “You are the clumsiest person in the universe”. I grabbed a plate of lasagne and sat down at the table while Brooke and Talia cooked something in the kitchen, “So what time are you going on Sunday” Jess asked, “Sometime at night I think…why” I replied, “My friends and I are going to the day concert and I was hoping we wouldn’t run into you” she answered. I sighed “Whatever”, we all ate quickly and Brooke and Talia finished making Brooke’s dinner.
“So, how about a movie night” Emily said happily, we all agreed “But which movie” Lachlan asked, “We always fight can Brooke or Talia just pick it tonight” Tom said annoyed, I laughed “Well, let’s watch Harry Potter”, they all stopped arguing and grabbed the Harry Potter box set, “How did you know they’d want that” Talia asked, “Well, we all love it so Potter always wins” I answered truthfully. “Chamber of Secrets” I suggested, “No, Goblet of Fire” Tom said, ‘No, Deathly Hallows” Alex added. This usually went on for about 20 minutes before Jess got frustrated and chose something for herself, “Sorcerer’s Stone” I finally said, “No it’s Philosopher’s stone” Emily yelled, we argued back and forth “ITS BOTH” Jess yelled furiously. We watched the movie and by the time it finished, it was super late “Ok off to bed everyone” Jess said motioning for them to go upstairs.

When we woke up it was fairly early so we decided to go for a walk around Mangerton. “Mangerton is such a beautiful place to walk through” I stated happily, they girls agreed “Yeh it is really pretty” Talia said, “And there are so many cute streets and stuff” Brooke added. We walked pretty far so we decided to go back and get ready to go shopping.
When we were finally ready my sister offered to take us to the mall, although I knew that she only wanted to get away from my siblings for a few minutes. My sister and I pretty much cared for our siblings, and I knew it stressed her out a lot. When we arrived at the mall, we went straight to a café as the girls were hungry and hadn’t had brekkie. I didn’t want to eat my food, I was never a food person, and it always made me sick so I avoided it as much as possible. “If you don’t eat I will shove it down your throat” Brooke threatened, I moved my chair away slightly and smiled, “I think she thinks we’re joking” Talia added. Talia picked up the Pineapple and Cheese roll I had and threw it at my face, it bounced off and fell on the floor, “Now I actually can’t eat it” I said happily, Brooke looked at me sternly “Eat it off the floor” she hissed, there was a family at a table nearby giving us filthy looks.
When they finally gave up on the food we went clothes shopping, “This is the most fun ever” I exclaimed, “So dresses or top and jeans” Brooke asked, Talia and I shrugged our shoulders, “We will try everything even crazy things” I replied, Brooke looked confused “What do you mean” she asked, “Well we walk into a shop and have to try on absolutely anything, even if we would actually never wear it” I answered. They both looked a tad worried but agreed to my challenge. We walked into a random clothes shop and began our shopping spree.

My phone buzzed from inside my bag, I walked out of the shop and answered it.
Me- Hello?
Mum- Hey Lyssy, how are you
Me- I’m good, just shopping with the girls for some clothes for the concert
Mum- Oh I forgot about that! Sometime after the concert you have to come up here to visit we miss you a lot!
Me- Will do, but I have to get back to the girls call you later
Mum- Ok Bye
I hung up and walked back into the shop and found the girls being silly with a dress Talia had tried on. Mum lived in Queensland, she always had ever since my parents split up and we all missed her heaps, my dad had re-married but lived somewhere in Sydney for most of the time. “Is everything ok” Brooke asked, I nodded “Yep, let’s go into a different shop, I don’t think there is anything here for us”.

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