Get Out Of My Head ;) One Direction Love Story

I know what you're thinking, but I promise, this is a group story! Me and my friends really wanted to do one, even though we each have our own stories! I know the names are also very familiar but we decided to use our names! Enjoy!

Chapter 3


by: tals_1D
“WHAT IS THAT!!?”Brooke said loudly in sports girl when Alyssa put on a very fury scarf.
“It looks like you’re wearing a ferret on your neck!” I said when I turned around to see what was happening. Alyssa was in hysterics laughing almost falling to the floor. We left that shop after we started to get disgusted looks from the employees and people walking into the shop.
“We seriously need to find something to wear guys.” I said with a worried tone in my voice. “What about Forever New?” Brooke suggested. I agreed and Alli led us out of the shop. “We’ll just go down these escalators” Alli said. Alli had just stepped onto the escalators with Brooke right next to her and I was about to as well until I realised they weren’t going anywhere. They had just stepped onto the up escalators. I was trying to hold in my laughs so I could watch them struggle to get down for another couple of minutes. I walked to the other side where the ‘down’ escalators are and went ‘down’ them. I came to the front of the escalators where the girls were still attempting to find their way down. I stood about a meter away from the escalators and burst out laughing at the girls. I noticed someone coming over towards the escalators and stopped laughing and pretended to check my phone. The lady going to walk up the escalators looked sophisticated and in a rush, this wasn’t going to go down well.
“Move” The lady said in a dismissive voice with a strong British accent.
“Excuse me? Why are you being like that? What did we do, huh! Don’t speak like that to-“
“Sorry” Brooke said to the lady cutting off Alli. Alli looked annoyed and Brooke looked apologetic but also as if she was about to burst out laughing. The lady looked disgusted in Alli and Brooke and stormed off with her handbag in the crease of her bent elbow and her head held high. I was laughing so much I was crying, and the girls finally noticed me standing there. They walked back up to the top of the escalators and went down the down ones.
“Why didn’t you tell us” Brooke said embarrassed.
“I wanted to watch you guys fail at something since you guys can do everything right!” I said with a smug tone. They both looked at me and poked their tongues out at me. “Come on we need to go shopping, we only have” I checked my watch…”40 minutes, we only have 40 minutes left before we have to meet Jess and go back home! Quick Forever new is right there!”
We ran to Forever New but entered looking sophisticated and important. Brooke turned to her right and saw a white top with lace that she fell in love with. (What Brooke wears: Alyssa and I laughed as we watched her explaining to us why she needed to wear that. Alyssa walked up to the back of the shop and fell in love with a blue dress that we knew she would look stunning in. (Alyssa’s dress: The girls had both gone to the changing rooms to see if the stuff that they chose would last them long enough to wear again. They looked amazing and I made them both eventually agree that they looked great. I couldn’t find anything that stood out to me. I had been looking for over 20 minutes now and couldn’t find anything. Everything in here was white or cream coloured and I didn’t think it was stand out. I told the girls that there was nothing in here for me, so we headed to the door to leave but then I saw a colour of pink behind racks of fury white jackets. I turned sharply pulling Alyssa and Brooke along with me. We got to the rack and I ripped the coat hanger out from behind the jackets. It was a pink dress with a thin brown belt around the hips and I fell in love with it straight away. (Talia’s Dress ~
“Talia…that…get it!!” Alyssa said in a shocked and excited tone. Brooke nodded and agreed. I went and tried the dress on and came out with it ready to buy the dress. We walked out of the shop with each of us carrying a bag containing our clothes. We went and met Jess at Gloria Jeans after we had a drink and went back to Alli’s House.

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