Which Monkee Am I?

I've seen lots of people do this, so I decided to try it! :D I believe it was created by Dizzy_Miss_Lizzy!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Michael Nesmith
[X] - Very tall
[] - Love to hunt/fish
[] - You have a stepfather, and your true father is still alive.
[X] - You have dark brown hair.
[] - You love to wear green wool hats.
[X] - You have no siblings/are the only child.
[] - You have an obsession with cars.
[] - You were born/raised in Texas.
[X] - You are highly interested in the music business.
[] - Your favorite color is blue/dark green.

Total: 4

Micky Dolenz
[] - You were born/raised in California.
[] - You have three younger sisters.
[] - You have a stepfather, but your true father is deceased.
[] - Your favorite color is white.
[] - You love to watch educational shows and documentaries.
[] - Your favorite food is homemade pizza.
[X] - You are highly interested in the television business.
[X] - You would love to travel the world sometime in the future.
[X] - You collect various things, be it old movie posters or electronics.
[] - You like to perform in/watch bodybuilding contests.

Total: 3

Peter Tork
[] - You have blonde hair.
[] - You have two brothers and one sister.
[] - You were born/raised in Washington, D.C.
[X] - Your favorite colors are "fire" colors, such as red, orange, and yellow.
[X] - You love to listen to The Beatles, The Lovin' Spoonful, and Buffalo Springfield.
[] - You wouldn't mind being a folksinger.
[] - You can play the French Horn.
[] - You are interested in sports car racing.
[] - You read on current events and sociology.
[] - You want to become President of the United States.

Total: 2

David Jones
[] - You were born/raised in England.
[] - You have three older sisters.
[X] - You have one parent/a parent deceased.
[] - Very short
[] - Your favorite color is blue.
[] - You have an obsession with horses.
[] - You like to watch Westerns.
[] - You love to eat fish and chips.
[] - You want to be a jockey.
[X] - You enjoy playing golf and pool.

Total: 2

I'm Mike!!!! :D

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