The new boy!!!

Chapter 1


I was in class with my friends Cleo and Taylor. We were learning about writing a letter. i was bored out of my mind until 3 boys walked into our class. One of them had short white and i mean white hair, and it was curley, the other had bronze straight hair and the lucky last didn't have enough hair for it to be straight or curley, but he did have hair. and they were so hot. I turned to Cleo and wishpered "Are they in our class, or is this a prank" i say swinging on my chair. "Whats he doing here?" Taylor said looking confused. "Who"? i say.
"The guy with the shortest hair" she says turning away. "OMG, you know him?" i say pushing of my chair and walking over to her. "Who is he"? i ask looking at her and then him. "His my brother" she says tucking under the table. "You never told us you had a brother" Cleo said. "Well, you never asked" she said pulling her work down under the table with her. "Miss Ruffo" Mrs mackenzie said. "What are you doing under the table?" she asked walking over to us. "You, Ebony, here now" he said pointing to her desk. "What no, i'm bot going with you" i say standing up and crossing my arms over my chest. "Mr Ruffo, could you please take Miss Mastin to the office" she said.
"Of course" Johnny says reaching over and talking my hand. "How long do you want her there for?" he asked pulling me toward the door. "For as long as they can take her for" she said grabbing Taylor's stuff and putting it on the tabel. "Naughty Naughty" my brother looksd at me and shakes his head. "What ever, you always get in trouble" i say pointing at him. Once we were out of the class room i turned to Johnny and said "I never knew you were Taylor's sister" i say stepping in front of him. "I never knew you were Reeces Sister." he says pushing me lightly out of the way. "Well, i like to keep that between me and my family i say laughing at him. "Explains it all" he said laughing to. "So, do you go here?" i ask looking a little confused. "Of course not, I'm 19" he said leading me into the office. "Now i hate school as much as you, so if you don't tell anyone i'm Taylors sister then we can skip the office and get some Ice-Cream" he says trying to reason with me. "Deal" i say leading him out of the office, and outside the school. Then we were off to get ice-cream. (Chapters really bad haha)

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