Adelaide and Zachary Mellark ( An Original Group Story )

This is the story of Peeta and Katniss's children.
Between Its_Complicated_(Me!) and Chenziebelle ( one of my alltime best friends).
Hope you like!

Chapter 1

Part I - The Meadow

Peeta seems to be acting childish today. I'm cooking, scraping the meat off of a deer's side. Adelaide, primping in the mirror. "Mommy, can you tie my bow?", she says sweetly. Adelaide has always been the sweet one. The daughter of the two tributes who won the 74th Annual Hunger Games. She uses her hair to bounce her dark hair. I walk over, and set down my silver knife. I tie two red ribbons loosely at the end of her two braids. She turns around, and kisses me on both of my cheeks.

"Mommy? Can I go play with Zachy?", she asks. "You better hurry, then,Ady. I think they're about to come in", I reply. She giggles, and runs out the door. "They better come in.....", I mumble. Peeta walks in, with dirt stains all over himself. Atleast I'm not the only one.

"Peeta! What exactly have you been doing in he meadow?", I ask him. "Just playing. I'm ready to bake,though", he replies. I catch a glimpse of Adelaide and Zachary in the meadow. They're chasing eachother, Zachary's curly blonde scattered with the wind.

It makes me happy. Seeing that there's something else to live for now that everyone I love- loved is dead. Except for Haymitch. And possibly......Gale.

Peeta knows. Peeta knows I miss him. I come back from my trance, and get back to the deer. Peeta gets out a loaf of bread, and starts to crave a very peculiar picture in one of the soft peices.

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