Niall Story

Niall Story

Things don't always turn out the way you planned. But it's not always a bad thing :)
I kind of wrote this story in like 5 minutes out of boredom. ENJOY!

Chapter 1


Imagine you grew up in England. Everyone saw you as the shy girl who doesn't talk to anybody. You did have a crush though on a certain brunette little boy. Eventually that boy in elementary school begins to bully you. His 4 other friends join him as well. You realize that you couldn't take it anymore, so you begged your parents until they finally transferred you to a new school across the city.

Years later, you're watching tv. A talk show is on when 5 boys walk onto the stage and stake a seat. You roll your eyes, it's that new boyband all girls obsess about. You haven't even bothered to learn their names. Nothing else is one so you leave it on that channel. "Hey," says the one with curly hair, "We're One Direction." You leave the room to grab a glass of water and come back to the interviewer asking the boys, "Who was you're first crush?" Each boy answers in turn, then the camera focuses on the blonde one. He begins to answer, "My first crush? Oh my," he chuckles and looks down with a smile, "Um. My first crush was a girl I knew in Primary school. She was so shy and stuff." He motions towards the boys, "They remember her. I'm sad to say this but we used to bully her a little. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings or nothin'. But I guess I just wanted her to talk to me so much, that I didn't know what else to do."

The interviewer looks at him and asks, "Can we have a name?" A giant smile goes on the boy's face. "Her name was (Y/N). I still remember her. But eventually she moved schools so I never got to tell her how I feel." You're mouth falls open and the glass of water falls from your hand. Was that?....but it couldn't be. The voice sounded so familiar. Someone from my old school told me my crush began to bleach his hair so maybe......

"We will be taking in callers to ask the boys a question." You run for the phone and dial the number on the screen. "Hello! You are on the air with one direction! What's you're question caller?"

You take a deep breath and begin explaining. Explaining how you're that girl, and you had a crush on him all those years as well and why you moved. While talking, your eyes stay fixed on the tv, watching Niall's reaction. His eyes are watering up as he speaks up. "I'm very sorry for what I did to you." Then you begin crying on the phone as well.

"Thank you caller," Says the interviewer, "we'll have Niall call you back after the show!." Your mouth opens to say more but the line goes dead. Half an hour later, your phone rings. It's Niall. You guys talk and catch up. From there stars a beautiful relationship.


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