Listen To Me Please

Just here me out before you complain.

Chapter 1

It's About The Cyber Bullies

I know you guys are looking out for each other, but what's with you going around and telling us these cyber bullies? Honestly, you are making things worse for yourself and others. I really don't understand, other than you are looking out for each other. You want them to stop bothering you, why will you mention who they are to others so they can talk smack to the bully?

In my opinion, I think you guys should stop it. Again, I understand you are looking out, but you're making things worse than it suppose to be for others. Everyone knows once you make a very aggressive statement to them, they'll come back and fight you. Do you really want cyber bullies going to eveyone's profile and start making rude comments?

If you don't agree with me, fine. I don't care. It's your opinion, your life. You can deal with life how you want it.

But if I see another "Here's this cyber bully" thing, I'm going to delete it. I can care less about some fool going around and hating everybody. What's the worse can they do to me? Make me cry? How are they going to see me? Make me commit suicide? I'll just make another account and lied saying I'm a friend and I've been reported (myself) dead. Simple.

For those are going through cyber bullies, just remember. They can't hurt you. No matter how hard they try, they can't get to you. Cut them out of your life. Continue on what you love to do. Focus on people who can be positive about you. If someone talks shit to you, don't continue to read it. Don't care. They are not your problem, you don't know who they are. Why care?



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