A Suicide Note

NO, this is not anyone's suicide note. This is a STORY written by fredanddracoaremyconsorts and Peacegirl13. Comment and tell us what you think!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Lexie dragged herself out of the bed. She stumbled towards the wall, her head pounding. She clutched the door frame with a frail hand, breathing heavily and attempting to steady herself. Black spots formed in front of her eyes, growing and shrinking gradually. She blinked rapidly, forcing them to disappear.
Lexie staggered across the room, her feet sinking into the stained blue carpet. She reached the window, her head still spinning. A shaking white hand reached out and yanked the white curtains back weakly. As Lexie's eyes adjusted to the sudden daylight, the day presented itself to her. The weather mirrored her mood perfectly; it was damp and dreary. The skies were heavy and grey. Rain poured from the clouds, pounding against the bleak tarmac. Lexie stared into the day, and considered the weather a bad omen.
Lexie's mood only worsened when in the kitchen she was faced with a bowl of cereal. Lexie stared in disgust at the bright-orange soggy mess facing her and wrinkled her nose. She got up from the table and dumped it into the bin, bowl and all. She couldn't stand to look at it a moment longer. Hoisting her bag up on her shoulder, Lexie left the house before the guilt could set in.

"Hey, Lexie," Eleanor giggled, waving at her as Lexie walked into the school. Lexie bowed her head and walked on, quickening her pace slightly.
"What a loser!" Eleanor whispered loudly. Her cronies laughed hysterically, staring at Lexie. She could feel their eyes boring into her back.

"Why don't you wear makeup or something, Lexie, cover up some of that ugly that we all have to look at every day?" Eleanor asked sweetly later on that morning. Lexie gulped back tears and turned back around, running into the nearest empty classroom.

"God, Lexie, at least wear a bra in P.E!" Eleanor hissed at her after the class. "Those things are going to take someone's eye out!" As the class laughed, Lexie coughed and covered her face to diguise the tears. Her classmates' laughter filled her ears as she tripped into the bathroom and sunk to the ground, choking on tears.

"Know-it-all," Eleanor muttered loudly when Lexie answered a question correctly in Math. Tears brimmed in her eyes as Heather mouthed "Ignore them," at her from across the room.

"That emo freak is so fat!" Eleanor said to her friends, glancing at Lexie out of the corner of her eye. Heather grabbed Lexie arm.
"You're not," she said loudly. "Don't listen to her. Please," Heather begged. Lexie just nodded blankly.

At the end of the day, Lexie walked out of the school without Heather. She really wasn't in the mood to walk home with her.
Lexie stood at the side of the road, waiting to cross. It was incredibly busy; it always was at the end of school. There were hundreds of parents here to collect their children, and hundreds of students leaving in their cars.
"Hey, freakshow!" a voice called. Lexie's heart sunk. She turned and saw Eleanor walking towards her. Her hair fanned out behind her, and she raised a perfectly pencilled eyebrow at Lexie.
"What's wrong? Freaking about your creepy dead friend again?" Eleanor waited for an answer, but none came.
"She never liked you, you know," Eleanor continued, smirking. Lexie closed her eyes. Ignore her, ignore her, ignore her, she told herself. Eleanor was still quite far away from Lexie; she seemed reluctant to come anywhere near her.
"Oh, is the little freak praying to it's gay god?" Eleanor asked, sneering at her. Lexie opened her eyes. Eleanor was staring at her.
"Y'know, everyone hates you," Eleanor said. "Not just Karen. Heather hates you, too. It's just her guilt. Luckily, I don't let that affect me." She smirked again.
Lexie turned her head towards the road again. Coming down the road was a black shiny smooth sports car. Looking through the window, Lexie saw someone with green eyes and blonde hair. He was ridiculously good-looking. Of course, it was Eleanor's older brother.
Images flashed through Lexie's brain. Every time she'd ever been teased by Eleanor, Heather, or anyone else was shown in a mere ten seconds. The car was speeding up. It was coming closer and closer. Lexie looked back at Eleanor, still insulting her. She looked back at the car. Time seemed to have slown down.
Lexie's bag dropped to the ground. Her feet pounded against the road. Eleanor stared. Then she screamed. She screamed and screamed, she screamed at her brother, she screamed his name as loud as she could as Lexie threw herself on the ground.
"LEXIE!" Heather screamed, running out of the school. Lexie's eyes met hers. Time was five times as slow as usual. Heather stared at Lexie, panicking. Lexie's eyes were dead. No joyous light filled them. Eleanor was still screaming. Her brothers head turned and stared out the window at her. Eleanor screamed at him to stop, stop the car, please, please stop, stop now...
Lexie felt the car's wheels run over her, and a scream of unbelievable pain built up inside of her. But before it could escape her lips; everything went black.

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