Made by me (fredanddracoaremyconsorts) and Beautiful9Bri. My character is called Kayla. Beautiful9Bri's is called Mercedes.

Comments are much appreciated=]

Chapter 1

fredanddracoaremyconsorts ~ Kayla

Have you ever wondered what other people dream about? What runs through their minds as they sleep? Because asking them has no affect. We dream about thirty dreams every night, but are lucky to remember even one when we awaken. This complication has no affect on me. I can flit through your sleeping mind as easily as you can walk through an open door. Because I am a dream-walker.


I stand, surrounded by fierce monsters, breathing fire towards a small, shaking figure and I. She thinks she is alone, that there is no one there to comfort her,and that I am not standing mere metres away from her. For that is the curse that comes with my 'gift.' I am forced to watch people live out their nightmares,and stand there helpless. And as soon as that dream ends, I move on to the next. And the next. And the next. Never getting proper rest. I'm only nine. But I haven't slept properly since I was born.
The girl is rocking backwards and forwards now, with her hands covering her ears and a high pitched wil emitting from her mouth. I stand, helpless,and pray for her to wake and for me to move on to the next dream, or for me to wake and leave this nightmare.
Thankfully, with a piercing scream, she awakens, and I am temporarily suspended in Limbo until I enter another dream. But this dreams shocks me beyond any dream has ever done before. Because this is the dream of a dream-walker.
But dream-walkers don't dream.

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