An Emo Love Story (vampire based)

Why is it that humans love what they can't have? Love is something treacherous and fragile. To make it worse.....What if you're in love with something you thought never existed and you are destined to kill him? He is someone you love but you have to kill him only because of destiny and fate. And he has to kill you for the same reason.....
Ain't destiny cruel?

Chapter 1


(Kristopher's POV)

It's not every day you see someone like me. Sure I am able to go through the sun and not be affected but still there is always that condition. The condition is being unearthly beautiful, including for a guy without any flaw on the skin which can tan like a normal humans, plus we are actually quite warm blooded for the undead. I don't know why people always say we are pale (can't tan), can't age (we can stop and start whenever we please), and that we are always cold to the touch no matter the warm weather. It's basically my pet peeve but the best thing about being a monster is the powers we can gain. Oh and another thing if we were to mate with a human they can still get pregnant or vise versa. Yes it's awkward to say this but it seems I need to change people's minds about how they view us. To us it's kind of insulting if you ask me....

My thoughts were interrupted by a beautiful tune. It was sad and slow completely captivating that my heart jumped (yes we have beating hearts and can be killed by weapons but not natural causes). I look out my window to see a girl walking down the sidewalk her eyes closed as she glided over the cement. A red beanie was placed loosely on her head and a over-sized black sweat-jacket went down almost to her knees. She seemed frail and fragile, nearly sickly looking if she wasn't singing. She stopped while passing by my house, her eyes opening and showing a pair of red-brown eyes. Her hands pulled out of the sweat-jacket pocket as she approached the neatly groomed gate. I heard her sigh as she looked on, her gaze becoming transfixed on my window. I hid from view trying not to pop back out and wave to her.

"It's like princes and princesses live there," she whispered bitterly, "They probably have it great in a house like that. What I wouldn't do to go into the forest behind. Oh well."

Her soft footsteps began to retreat from the gate and her sweet singing voice filled my ears again. If she were a siren I would have already been under her spell.

"Big bwotha," a childish voice said. I turned to see Lilith sitting on my bed, her big doe eyes closed and long braided hair hanging over her shoulder. "Why does it look like you being a cweepa?"

"Stop pretending you're seven," I growled. She smiled mischievously and stood.

"Aww come on brother," Lilith said, lightly stepping towards me, "I know i haven't aged for the past few centuries like you and Nikolas but that doesn't mean I can't act what I look like."

She had a point but it was sickening but all three of us have something in common, we will start to age once we find something worth aging for. That'll never come least not for me....

"Don't look so down Kris," Lilith sighed while standing on my desk. She lifted my chin so I could look at her eyes. Those glittering sapphire eyes that looked like nothing compared to mine. I was the outcast in the family with glacier cold gray eyes with a scowl usually placed on my face when I see my parents and dark black hair. The wealthiest of all of our kind. Practically we are royalty but I don't treat the others as bad as Nikolas. Lilith smiles again before hopping down and leaving my room.

"Oh," she whispered, "That girl was beautiful. . ." Heat rose to my face as she left. I paced around my room trying to get back to what I was about to do. But I had forgotten when that girl had stopped at the gate. I stopped and tried to remember what she looked like but the only thing was the beanie, the jacket, her eyes, and her voice. I shook my head. what am i thinking, i thought angrily, i shouldn't be thinking about some girl right now! Quickly i grabbed my backpack and rushed out into the hallway. Nikolas waited for me by the gate smirking.

"Took you long enough," he sneered, "I thought I was gonna have to drag you out."

I rolled my eyes as we headed for the bus stop. There were many people there all in groups, gossiping and laughing, except for two. I recognized the red beanie instantly. It was the girl from earlier. Beside her was a girl with cold blue eyes. More like white with black outlining and very light blue flecks.

"Are you okay?" she asked the girl with the read beanie.

"Ya, but did Stark get out in time?" she whispered back. The girl with blue eyes smiled and nodded her head. "I'm sorry you had to go through that again, Dove. I'll try a lot harder..."

Dove shook her head, then turned to look at me. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she gazed at me. I stared back, when the other girl turned. She looked at me, red-brown eyes blank and unwavering.

"Raven, don't you think that those girls should stop glaring at us?" Dove asked. Raven nodded. Nikolas and I turned to see a group of girls whispering cruel things about the two girls.

"They'll never learn," Raven inquired bluntly.

Nikolas nudged my shoulder grinning from ear to ear. His dark eyes sparkling with interest. "Dove looks...tasty..."
I punched his arm. We vampires are not suppose to think about consuming blood from humans but something told me that there was something strange about the two girls. I looked at Raven, her long black hair cascading down to her lower back in a tight braid. What did their conversation mean? I want to find out but I shouldn't get involved with humans. Just like back then....I don't want the same thing to happen again...

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