An Emo Love Story (vampire based)

Why is it that humans love what they can't have? Love is something treacherous and fragile. To make it worse.....What if you're in love with something you thought never existed and you are destined to kill him? He is someone you love but you have to kill him only because of destiny and fate. And he has to kill you for the same reason.....
Ain't destiny cruel?

Chapter 2

Thirst (2)

The bus had finally arrived. Raven and Dove boarded first while the others stayed back watching as those two got on.

"I heard there was some type of investigation that was going on," a girl said, "Raven was supposedly attacked by someone and her father beat her up about it. Something like she should have been more alert."

"No it was more like her father had murdered the mother and tried to kill the children but was stopped by her," another argued. The whispers continued throughout the five minute ride to school. My suspicions were right, there was definitely something strange about those two girls. But what was the real story behind the investigation?

(Raven's POV) ~after school~

"What's the matter?" Tonya sneered, "Why aren't you fighting back like last time? Are you scared or something?"

I felt my head snap to the side but no pain in my cheek. Tonya and her cronies laughed as they mercilessly began to beat at me. I didn't want to anything but sit there and take it but something in me decided otherwise. Tonya was about to punch me when I grabbed her wrist, twisting it behind her back. She cried out in pain as I pushed up.

"Do you know what you're dealing with?" I whispered, listening to the warning in my voice, "Do you know why you're so weak? Hmmm? It's because you pick on those who seem weak. That's where your downfall will be. They'll come after you and you won't have your cronies to help you, so good luck with fending for yourself."

She cried for her friends to help but they would back away whenever i let out a laugh. I was starting to get bored and push her away. She was kneeling on the ground crying not from the pain but from the harsh truth. Tonya's friends stared at me before dragging their blubbering friend away. I picked myself up and began heading for my destination, the library before i was interrupted by the Chic group. For some strange reason as i passed by the stairs which concealed what happened I saw a boy staring at me. I've only seen him a few times but that was on my bus. His gray eyes were transfixed on me, interested and curious. I smiled sweetly then flipped him off. He looked at me with shock yet something else . . . would hunger be the right word? Disturbing.... I kept walking as if nothing happened, my messenger bag slung behind my back and red beanie secured on my head, the library book held in my hand. Nothing was going to stop me this time, well not at least right now . . .
"Why did you flip me off?" an injured voice asked. I turned to see the boy from the stairs walking beside me. I gave him a blank look and kept walking. He seemed a bit surprised but that didn't stop him. "Why?"
I was nearing the double doors to the library when the boy blocked my way. I glared at him and crossed my arms.

"I don't like it when people stare at me like that, " I said bleakly, "And you're not the first person I did that to. Now will you kindly move?" He didn't. "Did you need something else to be answered?"

"Actually yes," he replied, "How about next time you get to know the person before you flip them off. But that's beside the point. Why did you let those girls beat you like that?"

"I'm used to it plus I can't feel any pain anyway."

"Well the librarian might call the medics if she sees your face like that plus that long rip on the side of your shirt might scare the other teachers in there."

I turn to look at my reflection in the window. He was right of course but . . . I didn't care what people think anymore. "What's your name?" I asked suddenly while trying to fix the problem in the window. I could just take off my shirt and wear my hoodie that's in my locker. Good thing it's right around the corner too. The boy stared at me in surprise. I turned to him when i was finished. "Well . . . Are you going to answer or not?"

"Kristopher Ravine," he replied.

"Good," I said, "I'm Raven Quilez. Nice to meet you Kris."

"Thanks for the sarcasm."

I rolled my eyes but instead I enjoyed his company, he didn't judge me like the other people, but now I was late on turning in my book. Kristopher seemed to realize this and moved. I walked in with the door closing behind me. . .

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